GER – “The future belongs to intelligent temperature control”

German thermodynamics company Hotset, unveils a groundbreaking temperature control system at Fakuma, integrating dynamic heating and uniform cooling for injection moulding and die casting.

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Thanks to the recent acquisition of technology service provider IQ-Temp, German thermodynamics specialist Hotset can now implement temperature control systems that integrate dynamic heating and homogeneous cooling in a hitherto unique way. With these overall solutions, it offers tool makers in injection moulding and die casting technology forward-looking perspectives for the production of intelligent tools for the series production of low-stress moulded parts with flawless surfaces. At Fakuma, Hotset will be providing detailed information on the potential of the new combination systems in Hall B2.

“The future belongs to intelligent temperature control”, says Sven Braatz, sales manager and authorised signatory of Hotset. Visitors to this year's Fakuma can find out what he means in concrete terms at Stand 2112 in Hall B2.

Under the motto 'controlled energy flow', Hotset's development engineers will be providing information on the realisation of new temperature control systems that enable both the targeted heating of specific problem zones on the mould and the homogeneous cooling of the cavities. These are integrated solutions consisting of several process engineering approaches. Primarily for mould makers in injection moulding and die casting technology, this makes it possible to use intelligently acting temperature control systems that guarantee the series production of high-quality moulded parts for use in automotive engineering, household appliance technology, medical technology, electrical engineering and many other areas.

Sven Braatz explains: “Our new temperature control systems combine dynamic and partial heating of defined mould areas with contour-parallel and flow-balanced heat dissipation. They allow extremely homogeneous, fast and surprisingly energy-saving temperature control. The result is plastic parts with low-stress structures, flawless surfaces, precisely contoured microstructures and flawless thin-wall areas.”

DH system meets near-contour cooling

The process engineering possibilities for the realisation of this new generation of intelligent temperature control systems were created by Hotset on 1. June 2023 — just in the year of its 50th company anniversary — with the takeover of the technology service provider IQ-Temp. The resulting expansion of the range of competencies offers the German thermodynamics specialist and sensor manufacturer a unique opportunity for the rapid integration of two of the currently most innovative process solutions in temperature control technology: the DH system developed by Hotset and the IQ system. Both processes have already proven their efficiency in injection moulding and die casting technology. They not only lead to better quality moulded parts, but also to process optimisation and energy savings in production. “The use of the new temperature control systems can reduce cooling times by up to 70 per cent and in no way affects the cycle time — and thus the productivity — of the injection moulding and die-casting lines,” emphasises Carlo Hüsken, the head of the IQ division.

Wide technological bandwidth

At Fakuma, Hostet's specialists will be available to answer questions on all technical aspects of the two temperature control systems and their intelligent combination. Interested mould and die makers will learn, for example, that these complete solutions are always optimally and individually adapted to each specific case and that a multitude of different competences come together for their implementation. While the specification and configuration of the DH system focuses on the disciplines of modern measurement, control and sensor technology, the technological bandwidth in the realisation of the IQ system ranges from simulation and design technology to diffusion welding and vacuum brazing to additive manufacturing. “At this point, one should not forget special coating and corrosion protection techniques that are used for reasons of surface and service life optimisation,” says Carlo Hüsken.

Highlight for toolmaking

With its offer to now realise intelligent temperature control systems for injection moulding and die casting technology, with which dynamic heating and homogeneous cooling can be processed precisely and without compromising productivity and energy efficiency, Hotset is presenting a trend-setting technology highlight at this year's Fakuma. Companies in the tool and mould making industry are thus provided with a temperature control innovation that will strengthen their international competitive position in the long term. Because the integrated complete solution consisting of DH and IQ systems is the technological answer to the growing quality and design requirements of customers in modern automotive engineering, medical technology, installation technology and many areas of the consumer industry.