The looming end of the combustion engine - Why is no action being taken by the industry associations?

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The internal combustion engine is being systematically trash-talked, and its end seems to be coming closer and closer. By decision of the European Commission, 
between 2021 and 2030, newly registered cars in Europe will emit an average of 37.5 percent less CO2. That would be less than 70 grams per kilometer. What do the car manufacturers from Munich, Stuttgart and Wolfsburg say? The industry faces very difficult challenges, yet we hear nothing.

The German Auto economist and expert Ferdinand Dudenhöffer can not understand it - he demands more courage and more creativity from the German automakers. He considers the signals from Brussels very positive, because they clearly point towards electromobility.

We wonder whether it is really necessary to talk about combustion engines as though their time is over, without having any concrete answers to the problems presented by e-infrastructure and the energy balance of electromobility.

We urge the interest groups such as VDA, VDMA and BDGuss urgently to confront the dreamers of politics with the real challenges. They too will then have to explain to our manufacturers and suppliers how to proceed.

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