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The Lungmuß logo on the new administration building shines above Dortmund harbor

Visible from afar: traditional company visibly reflects its successful expansion to the outside world

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For more than 60 years, Lungmuß Feuerfest has shaped the corporate landscape at the Port of Dortmund. Now this commitment to the location in the north of Dortmund is also visible from afar - with a newly erected administration building at the company's headquarters at Franziusstraße 84, on which the family-owned company's logo has recently been enthroned - illuminated and rotating on its own axis. The new administration building itself is a sign of the company's successful portfolio expansion in recent years: The expansion takes into account the increased number of customers and the increased delivery volumes.

"With the consistent development of new business models combined with an expansion of our product portfolio, the number of our employees has also been significantly increased," explains Managing Director Uwe Lungmuß. The new premises, recognizable by two cubic extensions in the inner courtyard and a three-story modern office wing, have therefore also become home to the new sales team responsible for the market activities of the acid, neutral and basic refractories for all furnaces and transport vessels of the foundry industry as well as for the prefabricated construction department, which has been expanding since 2007. For this purpose, a modern conference and lecture room has been built, which can also be used for training courses and seminars.

From engineering and conception to the finished product and installation at the customer's site, Lungmuß offers everything from a single source - this can be professionally monitored from the new administration building. Development, research laboratory, production and sales work together in close cooperation with the customers, who can bring in individual requests for their solutions. "This proximity to the customers means that innovations can be implemented quickly and purposefully," explains Uwe Lungmuß. 

The company premises themselves have also grown considerably in recent years: in 2015, an expansion of around 10.000 square meters took place, including the development of Plant 3 in a renovated, 3.500-square-metre hall for the production of refractory prefabricated and dried parts as well as ladles and furnace vessels for the steel industry. They can be delivered in even larger dimensions and quantities ever since. Additionally, the steel construction department was considerably expanded and upgraded. In the renovated production hall, components weighing up to 25 tones and large furnace vessels with a diameter of four meters and a maximum height of three meters can be delivered.

In 2017, the facility was expanded again by around 9.000 square meters. However, the expansion of the administration carried out last year is not the end of the story: the next expansion is already planned on a plot of land in the direction of the Dortmund-Ems Canal, in the immediate vicinity of the envisaged new location for Hafen AG's administration.

In the meantime, the illuminated company logo on the new building is the striking visual feature of the expansion: "It was important for us to make a statement - as a commitment to the site here at the harbor in Dortmund and as a symbol for the people who work for our company," says the managing director. On the roof of the company's administration, which has been expanded in stages since 2013, Klaus and Uwe Lungmuß, the third generation to run the family business, have had the company logo installed. It is illuminated during the dark hours of the day and continuously rotates around its own axis. This makes it visible from afar - whether you are driving towards the building from Deusener Straße or passing the Dortmund-Ems Canal on Franziusstraße coming from the city center.

As a unique selling point, the striking signet is also intended to promote identifying the company on the part of the employees as well as awareness of the company in the region. This way, employees as well as customers can quickly refer to the company's logo when talking about Lungmuß. And with the company's prospects, this will probably be the case even more often in the near future.


About Chemikalien-Gesellschaft Hans Lungmuß mbH & Co. KG:
Lungmuß Feuerfest was founded by Hans Lungmuß on 1 February 1958. It is a family-run company now in its third generation. Since the family is closely involved in the operative business, short decision-making processes and a high degree of flexibility are guaranteed. Starting from the original plant in the Dortmund harbor area, production has increasingly expanded. A second production plant was opened in the immediate vicinity in 1971. Today, a large part of the refractories is produced here. In 2007, the production of refractory preshaped parts was initiated. This production line has been extended into a new production plant with significantly increased capacity since 2015 - following an extensive expansion of the company.

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