Top 100 World’s Car Markets ranking in first half 2013: from China to Madagascar!

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Extracting statistics for all light passenger vehicles markets worldwide, this report features the Top World's Car Markets sales in June 2013, with cumulated data for first half of this year. Trend analyzed  starts from what happened in full year 2012.

More and more!

That's focus2move Team mission towards our clients and readers and with this in mind we have developed this new unique report, no one else had ever released.

Indeed, focus2move Mobility Database includes sales data for 160 countries. For half of them, representing more than 95% of total sales,we have details and could release periodically free reports, pushing on the site. For these countries we are also producing researches, business plans, marketing plans and "ten years market perspectives", reserved to our Clients.

This report, updated at first half 2013, consists in a ranking of the Top 100 World's car markets, from the biggest, China counting 24.2% of total car sales, to the smaller, Madagascar, representing only the 0.015%. In the middle, 99% of World's car sales are split by country.

Global car market was stable in June, with sales up only 0.3% from year ago. China and USA are pushing global volume up, while Japan, Brazil, Germany and Russia, respectively 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th, were all in negative territory.

Behind, U.K. (8th) kept the outstanding growing pace, while France (9th), India (10th), Italy (11th) and South Korea (12th) have all lost. Just Canada in 10th was slightly positive.

In South America the hottest market, Peru that more than doubled sales in the first half, followed by Nigeria, + 99% and Iceland, +68%.

The colder country was the in Europe, as Cyprus dropped 42.7%, followed by Iran, -40% (this market data are estimated) and Jordan, -34.6%.

In the table below, the exclusive focus2move Top 100 World's Car Market report:

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