Toyota Motor to install cogeneration equipment to save power

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Nikkei reported that Toyota Motor Corporation will install eight more cogeneration gas fired generators to reduce its dependence on the power grid this summer.

The automaker will install the generators at six factories, including the Tsutsumi plant that manufactures the Prius hybrid car, from the end of July to September 2012. The cost of the investment has not been disclosed.

Toyota has already installed such generators at 11 of its factories. The additional work will raise the share of the automaker's in house power generation from the current 20% to 30% of its total electricity consumption.

Toyota's move comes as the government calls for companies Chubu Electric Power Co's service area to cut power use by more than 5% this summer.

On top of its current energy saving measures, Toyota is stepping up its in house power generation to ensure stable plant operations.

Source - Nikkei