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Trimet Aluminium AG in Gelsenkirchen

€1.2 Million for Jobs and the Future
Additional investment of €4 million and 15 new jobs for the year ahead


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After four months of construction and an investment of €1.2 million, Trimet Aluminium AG has put a new ingot casting facility into operation at its Gelsenkirchen plant. In the presence of the company's management, which is located in Essen, Gelsenkirchen's mayor Frank Baranowski and councilor Gabriele Preuß officially launched the facility, which will offer an extra five qualified jobs.

In the new aluminum ingot casting facility, aluminum blocks made from melted scrap are produced and then liquefied and cast into engine blocks and other technically sophisticated components. The new facility considerably increases the capacity of the Trimet plant, which is located in the vicinity of the Gelsenkirchen city port. Now, approximately 50,000 metric tons of remelted aluminum can be processed annually instead of the previous 40,000 metric tons. The new stacking mechanism, which is connected to the facility, helps to accelerate the production process.

Mayer Baranowski adopted the facility, which was christened with his first name, "Frank". Further acquisitions will be made in the year ahead. The Trimet Aluminium AG supervisory board has already approved approximately €4 million for 2011. This money will be invested in the 50% expansion of capacities, and Plant Manager Ralf Dondrup has promised "an extra 15 new jobs" as a result.

In the last 17 years, the Gelsenkirchen recycling plant has evolved in a positive way under the ownership of Trimet Aluminium AG. Founded in 1936 by Hermann Jacobs, the site was sold to Klöckner Werke Duisburg in 1972 and taken over in 1990 by the Sommer Group, which went bankrupt two years later. Trimet took over the plant in 1993 after the bankruptcy and it was absorbed into the family company, managed as an incorporated company, in 2002. Plant Manager Dondrup: "As a recycling plant and foundry working with remelted aluminum, we have now established ourselves among the big names of the other Trimet production sites at Essen, Hamburg, Harzgerode, and Sömmerda, and among our customers in this field. Above all, we have our employees to thank for this. They are part of a team that we are very proud of."

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