Turkish ferroalloy imports up 9pct in 2011

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According to the data provided by the Turkish Statistical Institute, in December 2011 Turkey's ferroalloy imports rose 8.8% compared to the previous month and were down 37.6% compared to December 2010, totaling 31,187 tonnes. The value of these imports amounted to USD 46.3 million increasing by 6% as compared to November and down 40.9% YoY.

In the whole of 2011, Turkey's ferroalloy imports totaled 432,549 tonnes increasing 8.5% compared to 2010. In 2011, Ukraine was Turkey's biggest source of ferroalloys with 135,083 tonnes decreasing by 25.5% compared to 2010 and accounting for approximately 31.2% of Turkey's total ferroalloy imports. Turkey's second biggest source of ferroalloy imports in 2011 was India with 59,225 tonnes increasing by 79.3% compared to 2010

Sourced from Steel Orbis