US - Metals firm provides rapid response during covid-19 pandemic

Supporting local manufacturers to continue essential operations un-interrupted

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John Meyer, Founder of MetSource, announced today his firm’s success in providing large copper castings used in the start-up of melting furnaces allowing local metals mill to continue essential operations un-interrupted during covid-19 pandemic.  

A large metals mill producer recently contacted MetSource on their ability to supply large copper castings critical in their start-up of new furnace linings.  The mill was experiencing delays and uncertainty regarding supply from their current source due to covid-19 restrictions placed on their supplier’s business.  The component allows the Mill to pack refractory around the furnace coil and is specifically engineered in dimension and alloy to melt at a precise rate to allow seasoning of the furnace refractory during start-up.

MetSource, collaborating with their partner Manufacturer -MetalTek International, were able to produce a sample part within weeks after receipt of order.  According to Meyer, “normal lead-time in such an endeavor would be measured in months not weeks.  I am very proud to have been able to participate in helping our local manufacturers continue operations during this pandemic.”  

The response provided included transfer of a pattern and repair, engineering time, agreement by all parties to a change in metallurgy and actual production time to produce the sample part.  

MetalTek, deemed an essential business according to U.S. Department of Homeland Security CISA guidelines, has remained operating and supporting essential business requirements.  Shawn Cefalu, General Manager of MetalTek Carondelet division, stated “MetalTek prides itself on working with customers to provide timely solutions.  Our team has enjoyed this opportunity to provide this unique answer to our customer’s need.”