US - Mold-Masters to provide Ritemp cooling technology for hot runners

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Hot runner supplier Mold-Masters said it has formalized an agreement with the Australian company Ritemp Technologies to secure exclusive global use of Ritemp’s evaporative mould cooling technology in hot runner applications.

“Ritemp patented technology intrigued us because it had the potential to provide faster cycle times, with less energy, drastically reduced water usage and completely uniform cooling,” said Bruce Catoen, VP of business and product development at Mold-Masters. “Joint developmental efforts over the last year have proven to us that these benefits are viable, and we are now prepared to offer Ritemp hot runners commercially.”

With Ritemp, heat is extracted from an injection mould in an extremely efficient process, by converting it to latent heat of vaporisation. The resultant vapour rises to the top of the mould, where it is condensed by heat exchangers. The evaporative process, by employing a phase change rather than relying on a copious, turbulent flow of water through the mould, can increase mould cooling efficiency substantially.

According to Catoen, these benefits can now be applied to hot runners as well. “Using Ritemp technology in the hot runner provides potential advantages to both the processor and the end user of the component, in terms of part quality and cost,” he explained. “Using Ritemp technology in the hot runner can mean less cavity-to-cavity variation, much lower cooling flow rates, less plate deflection, less chance of plastic leakage and better gate quality.”

Sourced from Mold-Masters Europa GmbH