US - NADCA Die Casting Congress Awards 2019

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For the last 45 years, NADCA has sponsored its International Die Casting Design Competition to showcase outstanding die cast designs while acknowledging the continuous contribution die casters provide to the manufacturing industry. As die castings become more complex, higher quality, lower cost, and more unique, it becomes important for die casters to be involved in the process early in the product’s design phase. A die casting is not a machined part, sand casting, or an extrusion. It is critical for die casters to effectively communicate to the designer requirements to make a quality casting. The winners of the 2019 International Die Casting Competition have exhibited a close relationship with their customer to produce castings that have a complex design, high quality, and ingenuity. These castings often expand the market for die casting and reduce the cost of the part compared to the previous manufacturing method.

Aluminum Die Casting Over 10 lbs. - 2019 Winner: Lakeside Casting Solutions
Award Nominee: Adam Yager
Customer: Lee Engineering Inc.

Function of the Part
Connects vertical and horizontal rods to assemble lattice that will support various lab apparatus. Open throat construction permit rods to be lifted out without having to be pulled through the connectors. Set-ups can remain unchanged when transferring individual rods for various set-ups.

Previous Process to Produce Part
Plastic, steel & stainless steel for similar product, but these materials are offered as a double slot design.

Advantages Gained
Plastic: Comprehensive cost, however plastic lacks the strength and durability to allow for the double slot design cast in the connector. Steel: Much higher cost for machining. To machine double slot design cast by Lakeside Casting Solutions would be cost prohibitive in production

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