US Steel announces management changes in North America and Europe

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United States Steel Corporation has announced several management changes at its North American and European operations.

Ms Malisa J Sommers has been appointed MD transportation and president of Transtar Inc, US Steel's transportation subsidiary. Mr Miroslav Kiralvarga will relocate to the United States from the Slovak Republic to succeed Ms Sommers as general manager global materials management and procurement operations. Ms Elena Petraskova will return to her native Slovakia after a four year assignment in North America to assume Ms Kiralvarga's former role of VP management services & administration for US Steel Kosice. Ms Kiralvarga's and Ms Petraskova's advancements are effective March 1st 2011. Ms Sommers' appointment is effective February 1st 2011, but she will also continue to maintain the responsibilities associated with her previous role until Mr Kiralvarga's appointment takes effect.

As MD of transportation, Ms Sommers will be responsible for various aspects of transportation and logistics, including the logistics services group headed by Mr James V Bard at US Steel facilities in North America. She will also oversee operations at the railroad and barge companies that comprise Transtar Inc: Birmingham Southern Railroad Company; Delray Connecting Railroad Company; Fairfield Southern Company; Gary Railway Company; The Lake Terminal Railroad Company; Lorain Northern Company; McKeesport Connecting Railroad Company; Texas & Northern Railway Company; Union Railroad Company; and Warrior & Gulf Navigation LLC. Ms Sommers will report to VP Supply Chain & Customer Service Anton Lukac.

Prior to joining US Steel in 2001, Ms Sommers worked for Wheeling Nisshin Inc, a steel coating facility in Follansbee for 13 years. Ms Sommers spent her first three years with US Steel at Straightline, the company's former steel distribution subsidiary, serving two years as manager, demand fulfillment and one year as manager, customer care.

In 2004, Ms Sommers moved to US Steel's corporate headquarters after being named manager, purchasing information technology. One year later, she advanced to manager, CAPEX procurement, where she managed procurement activities related to capital expenditure projects around the company. In 2007, she was named manager, materials management, and in 2009 she advanced to her most recent position, general manager, global materials management and procurement operations.

Mr Kiralvarga will assume responsibility for parts and materials inventory management and procurement support for US Steel facilities companywide. He will report to VP Procurement, Raw Materials & Real Estate Mr Michael J Hatcher.

Ms Petraskova will oversee US Steel Kosice subsidiaries located in Slovakia and other European Union countries, crisis management, public affairs and governmental and EU affairs. She will report to VP European Operations and President US Steel Mr Kosice David J Rintoul.