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USA - $12 million cast bronze sculpture goes to auction

<font size="2">Provo, Ut - In a display of panache uncommon to Utah County, a $12 million sculpture will hit the auctioneer's block Monday at the Provo Marriott Hotel and Conference Center. </font>

<font size="2">One of nine existing replicas of Michelangelo's 1499 masterpiece "Pieta," which depicts a robed Mary cradling her son in her lap following his crucifixion, is the featured item in a sale of several high-ticket artworks being offered. The auction is designed to benefit the nonprofit Trauma Awareness and Treatment Center in Murray, a facility that helps victims of catastrophic events sort through psychological and physical aftereffects. </font>

<font size="2">"Rarely do you have the chance to see a $12 million piece in Utah County," said Steven Bishop, a volunteer who is helping arrange the auction. "We will have some high-network people there. We will have some heavy hitters." </font>

<font size="2">Several people have called with interest about the "Pieta" replica, but it remains to be seen whether it will sell and for how much, Bishop said. The sculpture was <a href=";tx_hrtdictionary_pi1[showUid]=6899" target="_top">molded</a> in 1982 by an Italian <a href=";tx_hrtdictionary_pi1[showUid]=4184" target="_top">foundry</a> working with the authorization of the Vatican, which holds the original.</font>

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