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United States of America; 10/1/2014: Shaanxi Allstate Technology and Trade Company Limited specialises in the manufacture and export of numerous mechanical parts and spare items. In total, the company manufactures 10 kinds of products namely forgings, castings, sheet-metal parts, machining parts, spring, chain, valves, manhole covers, decoration parts and gear box. To meet the requirements of the customers, the company ensures that each and every stage of the production process is controlled strictly. Other than being a manufacturing and trading professional, the company provides OEM services as well. Addition to that, it also engages itself in doing some surface treatments and machining operations if needed.

The company maybe be specialising in various kinds of mechanical items and spare parts but the areas where Shaanxi Allstate Technology and Trade Company Limited can't be matched are the metal wheel Chocks, cast molds and composite insulators. Metal wheel chocks come in various shapes and sizes- polygon pure, aluminium alloy, red- coated smooth surface, pure new straight, handled wheel chocks, polyethylene triangles, angular handles, stainless steels, minimum sizes, zincification reds, red bending, molded process, oblique blocks, angular handles, precision trucks, etc.

These particular chocks are manufactured from flexible natural rubber and come in waning colours like black and yellow. During night, the reflectors are highly visible. These metal chocks are usually used to warn drivers to slow down their speed when entering a crowded place, a dangerous place or places like highroad crossing, city intersection, parking lot, toll gate, village, garden gas station, etc.

Composite insulator manufactured by the company are of in great demand in foreign countries, with the most popular ones being auxiliary fitting insulators, fiber optics, FRP long road, 20kV railway insulators, 1100kV hollow insulators, red 10- 1000kV insulators, 10- 132kV line post insulators, 10- 252kV station post insulators, etc. These compositors feature good water repellent, anti- ageing qualities, and high tensile strength. All of these insulators come at affordable prices, with each of them being certified by international product standardisation councils.

Cast molds can be of various types in the form of water pump impeller, pipe joint, tee joint, centrifugal casting, continuous casting, investment casting, die casting, and sand casting. Cast steel sow mold products get exported throughout the world with the major markets being Europe, North America, Australia and the Middle East. Both standard and customised designs are made available by the company to its customers. Buyers can put the name of the company as a logo on the products as well.

About All State Trade:


All State Trade is the official website of Shaanxi Allstate Technology and Trade Company Limited, based in China. The products of the company are used in medium and large machineries, transportation industry and aerospace industry, apart from making a fair amount of contribution to the agriculture and chemical industry as well.