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USA - FisherCast drops shift - nine positions reassigned in cuts

<font size="2">Market volatility has resulted in more changes at FisherCast Ltd., a company vice-president told yesterday. </font>

<font size="2">Senior vice-president Bill Davie said the Neal Drive plant is cutting to two shifts from three. </font>

<font size="2">Nine positions were impacted by the change through reassignments of their positions, Davie said. In the employee's collective bargaining agreement workers can be "bumped," he said. </font>

<font size="2">"It's part of market volatility," Davie said. </font>

<font size="2">Sources close to FisherCast, who spoke on the condition of anonymity, told more detail on the reassignments. </font>

<font size="2">The sources say the global <a href=";L=1favicon.ico&amp;tx_hrtdictionary_pi1[showUid]=2951" target="_top">diecasting</a> giant is also currently reassigning about 10 "set up" workers -- employees with specific positions within the company, who make about $22 an hour -- to general- labourer positions that pay about $16 an hour. </font>

<font size="2">Sources also say the Independent Union of Precision <a href=";L=1favicon.ico&amp;tx_hrtdictionary_pi1[showUid]=2950" target="_top">Diecasters</a> has told employees "a mass layoff is planned for January."</font>

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