VDMA: "Britain plays a dangerous game“

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Thilo Brodtmann, Executive Director of VDMA, comments on today's Brexit announcements by British Prime Minister Theresa May: 

"It is hard to imagine how the British Prime Minister's new proposal could lead to a compromise on the resignation agreement. The hard Brexit is becoming more and more probable.

In order to prevent such a disorderly Brexit at the last minute, Theresa May should approach the forces in the British Parliament that support a closer connection to the EU and the retention in the Customs Union. Hoping for a change of heart on the part of Brexit supporters is a risky game.

If no agreement is reached by 29 March, citizens will pay with the loss of wealth and jobs. For the European economy, preserving the internal market and the integrity of the EU remains the ultimate goal. For this reason alone, there is little room for renegotiation of the withdrawal agreement."

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