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YXLON presents a new X-ray system with variable focal-spot size for the automotive, aviation and aerospace industries

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YXLON International, a leading supplier of industrial X-ray inspection systems and computed tomography solutions for the industrial, non-destructive testing of materials, presents Y.XST225-VF, its new variofocus X-ray system containing a new focal-spot technology that offers an extraordinarily small focal spot whose performance can be varied.  The new, closed Y.XST225-VF variofocus system is thus sealing the gap between microfocus and conventional X-ray tubes in digital radiography and computed tomography, especially for X-ray applications in the automotive, aviation and aerospace industries. In comparison to the conventional X-ray tubes that have been used until now, the focal spot of the new Y.XST225-VF system displays greater symmetry and is less than half the size: two major factors which lead to a higher spatial resolution and, consequently, to optimum detail detectability.


On the other hand, the Y.XST225-VF system provides the output associated with high-performance X-ray tubes, and therefore a substantially greater output than all of the microfocus tubes previously available on the market. The focal spot of the variofocus X-ray tube can take on values between 250µm at 290W up to 800µm at 1600W. The key parameters for optimal X-ray images generated using a flat-panel detector are a high SR, the spatial resolution, and a low SNR, the signal-to-noise ratio. Both parameters are influenced by the size of the focal spot. By applying the new variable focal spot, focal- spot size can be adjusted optimally to match the required detail detectability and detector unsharpness that results from the material, form and composition of the object being tested. Using this method, optimal detail detectability is achieved for nearly any inspection task at the shortest inspection time.

The automotive, aviation and aerospace industries particularly profit from this kind of variability. Industrial X-ray inspection systems and CT solutions from YXLON are deployed here for the non-destructive material testing of welded joints, turbine blades and sophisticated cast parts, to name only a few examples. Especially in these fields, precise inspection results obtained using high-contrast images with an abundance of detail are the prerequisite for fulfilling high safety standards. These results also contribute toward increasing efficiency and improving quality within the production process. While doing so, the new variofocus tube from YXLON covers the entire range from a large overview image at short inspection times to detailed images displaying a high resolution.



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