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ZOLLERN will be exhibiting at the Hanover Fair 2010

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ZOLLERN will be exhibiting at the Hanover Fair 2010
in its role as specialist for sophisticated metal products on Stand A66 in Hall H3.

A trade fair highlight: The engine cover of a Bugatti Veron – manufactured using the aluminium investment casting method

Francis impeller cast in CrNi steel for hydroelectric power plants

Seamlessly rolled short circuit rings for modern electric motors

Special profiles with partial surface hardening

Safety lock: Body produced from one of ZOLLERN’s special profiles

Shaping metal the smart way

At this year’s Hanover Fair, the ZOLLERN Group of Companies will be demonstrating their expertise in modern casting and shaping techniques for the manufacture of highly complex and sophisticated metal products. ZOLLERN unites smart production processes with a unique fund of material expertise – a combination which allows its customers to choose from over 700 different material alloys. At its stand A66 in Hall H3, the company will be exhibiting a range of casting, foundry and steel profile products.

Investment casting to address the most stringent standards
After investing millions in a new vacuum investment casting plant, this year ZOLLERN will be exhibiting its complete portfolio of investment casting products in wide-ranging different materials such as steel, aluminium and nickel-based alloys. The product spectrum ranges from piece weights of just a few grams through to over 100 kilos. Investment casting is a precision casting process which is particularly suited for complex products with complicated geometries, as it permits even the smallest wall thicknesses and an extremely high surface finish quality. While any castable materials can be processed using this method, most suitable for investment casting are materials with difficult machining properties. As a result, the investment casting technique caters predominantly to the fields of modern engine construction and automotive engineering, the electronics industry, aerospace and medical technology. A particular treat in store for visitors to the ZOLLERN stand in Hanover is a chance to see the intercooler and engine cover of the Bugatti Veron up close. Both products were produced using the aluminium investment casting method, and comply with the most stringent functional and aesthetic requirements.

Power generation and efficient use of energy
The exhibited turbine impellers and turbine components for hydroelectric power plants also comply with the most stringent functional demands. ZOLLERN has been manufacturing castings for hydro power applications for over 100 years. While these used to be cast in bronze, nowadays CrNi steel qualities are predominantly used due to their good abrasion resistance and their particular endurance properties in waterways carrying sediment. On show in Hanover will be Francis and Pelton impellers, Kaplan blades and guide vanes – all products supplied by ZOLLERN finish machined with a ground contour. As well as providing the expertise needed for regenerative energy generation systems, ZOLLERN is also a sound and reliable partner when it comes to the efficient use of energy and the associated use of electrical drive systems. Examples of this market segment include short circuit rings, short circuit rods and shrink rings for squirrel cage induction motors of the kind used in modern electric motors. Short circuit rings are forged or seamlessly rolled at ZOLLERN in copper or low-alloy copper materials and then machined ready for assembly.

Steel profiles for high-precision applications
As one of the world’s leading manufacturers of special profiles, ZOLLERN will be providing impressive proof of its expertise in this product segment at the show. Following an investment program and expansion of its rolling capacity, ZOLLERN is now able to offer its customers a complete portfolio of special profiles in the range from 0.05 kg/m to 33 kg/m. In a subsequent cold forming process, precision profiles are manufactured in the company’s own rolling mill to produce precision profiles. Finish machining is consequently reduced to precision machining processes such as dividing, drilling or partial milling. While this permits extremely economical manufacturing, it also allows the achievement of product characteristics such as extreme dimensional accuracy, strength and surface quality. Depending on the application, the ZOLLERN profiles are offered partially or completely induction hardened. Special profiles are used predominantly in applications such as linear guides in mechanical engineering applications, safety components in automotive engineering, hunting or sporting rifle manufacture, transmission and drive technology or also in the field of medical engineering.

ZOLLERN will be exhibiting at Stand A66 in Hall H3.




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