Desktop Metal Webinar: Metal Binder Jetting - How Does it Work?

Value Chain, Process, Materials, Applications

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Webinar Invitation: June 30, 2022 - 3 pm HKT (9AM Central European Summer Time)

  • Attendees will learn all about this AM process, from powders and design for binder jetting all the way through the final sintering process. You will be able to get insights into different material applications and the metal adoption process as well as get a glimpse of where the manufacturing revolution is heading with 3D printed materials & see a variety of post-processed 3D printed parts

Binder jetting is an AM process that uses industrial printhead to selectively deposit a liquid binding agent onto a thin layer of powder particles — either metal, sand, ceramics or composites — to build high-value and one-of-a-kind parts and tooling. It is a rising star in AM, thanks to its speed and accuracy, though also its potential for high volume production. In the case of metal 3D printing, it is considered to be a good choice for scaling up additive manufacturing thanks to its cost-effectiveness compared to many other metal methods. Particularly when compared to many laser-based AM technologies which may have serious limitations for larger scale production. Furthermore, the applications for the technology are vast as are compatible materials, with even more being rapidly developed. But what are these applications? And what exactly are the latest material trends?

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