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AS-Casting's focus is primarily on the die-casting aluminum for the electronics, automotive and transport industries, machining and grinding. Its customers are both domestic and foreign companies.

In the domestic market, AS-Casting occupies an important position not only in its modern technological equipment, but also personnel background with years of experience in areas of foundry industry and machinig.

Permanent training of its employees increases expertise, and ensures the company's long-term, stable position in the market.

Processes at AS-Casting are managed according to ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001 certification.

Aluminium Die Casting
AS-Casting has years of experience in die casting and machining of aluminum castings. They offer their customers complete support, from design to final completion of high-quality aluminum castings, cast under pressure. As a leading manufacturer of aluminum castings, products are delivered successfully to leading, renowned brands from both the electrical and automotive industries.

The creation of tools for die casting and cutting tools are carried out in cooperation with external companies with whom the foundry has been cooperating for many years.

Machining, Finishing
The machining shop at AS-Casting provides another level of finishing of aluminum castings according to customer requirements. The manufacturing program is focused on series production. The company works with Al castings from its own foundry, from external foundries, and also production from the metallurgical semi, especially pipes and rods (steel, copper alloys etc.). AS-Casting provides service from the demand to the final product.

Clamping tools are provided in cooperation with external suppliers.

Quality Control and Environmental Consciousness
Following its overall strategy and on the basis of an analysis of internal and external aspects and rightful interests of interested parties, the management of AS-CASTING s.r.o. hereby announces this Quality and Environment Policy. Its main goal is to stabilize and further improve the current market position focusing especially on maximum customer satisfaction and create conditions for good prosperity of the Company, its sustainable development and the environmental protection during all business activities of the Company.

  • Enforce the procedural Quality and Environment Management System. Strive for a continuous increase in the effectiveness of the Quality and Environment Management System and the efficiency of the individual processes. Review and evaluate this management system regularly. 
  • Analyse the threats and opportunities in all areas of the Company’s activities taking into account the interests of all interested parties and all known internal and external aspects with the aim of minimizing the probability of occurrence of threats and the seriousness of their consequences.
  • Ensure fulfilment of customer requirements and customer satisfaction with deliveries of products of AS-CASTING. Strive for improvement of the quality of products and related services.
  • Strive for continuous improvement of efficiency of work at the individual workplaces and improvement of the technical level of machines and devices in all plants. 
  • Focus on occupational health and safety.
  • Continuously seek the possibilities of minimization of negative impacts on the environment during all activities. Identify environmental risks, focus on reducing the seriousness of the environmental aspects.
  • Implement necessary preventive measures leading to the prevention of emergencies and accidents threatening the environment. 
  • Ensure compliance of all Company’s activities with applicable legal regulations and other requirements of interested parties. 
  • Improve the level of the internal Company culture and the work environment contributing to improvement of the employees’ motivation and performance. Focus on improvement of employee satisfaction and stabilisation of qualified employees. 
  • Continuously increase the employees’ professional qualification in order to ensure improvement of quality and production productivity and the environmental protection as well as a responsible attitude to natural resources  consumption and handling of hazardous chemical substances and waste. 
  • Provide necessary resources for fulfilment of this Policy. 
  • Set and evaluate the Quality and Environment Targets based on this Policy. 
  • Ensure familiarisation of all employees with this Policy and its explanation so that all employees understand it as the most important document in the Company. Make sure that all employees perform all of their activities in line with this Policy so that it is fulfilled. 


AS-casting s.r.o.

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Czech Republic

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