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Foundry of the Week: Kutes Metal

Kutes, which aims to deliver high quality nodular and gray iron castings solutions with an annual production capacity of 50,000 tons per year across its two moulding lines in Corlu, Tekirdag /Turkey solutions to the people through sustainable improvement and innovation, designs high quality product needs of every market and maintains global shipping capabilities to fulfil its customers’ needs.

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Kutes currently operates in 130.000 m² of open area and 30.000 m² of closed area with over 200 employees.

For more than quarter century, thanks to its talented staff experience and engineering know-how along with Novacast, Solidworks and Siemens NX software offers alternative solutions in new product design through advanced computerized simulations. 

Kutes has been providing serial & tailormade solutions that can efficiently operate even under the most challenging conditions for major national & international projects such as Hydraulic Equipment, Industrial Pumps & Valves, Air Conditioning, Automotive, Agriculture, Construction, Railway and Industrial Machinery industies around the world.

Kutes is always your reliable partner in casting & machining sectors whenever and wherever you need. Visit our website for more information, or view the company catalogue HERE.

Kutes Metal aims to grow together with its customers through reliable quality and service.

Kutes has 2 moulding lines:


  • Brand:        Georg Fischer
  • Type:        Impact Standard IM-S-1
  • Dimensions:  800 x 600 x 250/250
  • Capacity:        120 mould/hour
  • Pooring:         Inductotherm Visipour P3 Automatic Tundish
  • Sand Unit:         Georg Fischer
  • Conveyors:         Georg Fischer
  • Shakeout:         Jöst


  • Brand:            HWS
  • Type:            Seiatsu EFA-SD
  • Dimensions:      900 x 700 x 300/300
  • Capacity:             120 mould/hour
  • Pooring:             HWS Pooring Unit
  • Sand Unit:             Eirich RV24 – 3000 Lt
  • Sand Control:     QualiMaster AT1
  • Conveyors:              VHV
  • Shakeout:             Jöst
  • Cooling Tunnel:   Jöst
  • Vibra Conveyors: Jöst
  • Shotblasting:        Wheelabrator




Büyükdere Street Spine Tower No:243
K: 22/192 Maslak 34398 Sarıyer, İstanbul

Telefon: +90 444 0 166