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Imerys at the 73rd World Foundry Congress 2018

With three major technical presentations, Imerys occupied a key position during the World Foundry Congress, which took place from 24th until 26th September in Krakow.

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Vic LaFay, Science and Technology Foundry Manager at Imerys Metalcasting, guided the audience through the main elements of molding sand binder design. His vivid presentation “Evaluation of Green Sand Premixes for Emission Characteristics” provided information about the key parameters of the molding sand test protocols, underlining the equal importance of adequate strengths-, reduced emissions- and desired casting surface quality for the development of a foundry product. 

Vic LaFay gave substantial insights into the latest version of Envibond® and its recent developments. 

Philippe Diaz, Technical Foundry Manager at Imerys Aluminates and Florian Ahouanto, Andalusite Product Manager, presented their work about “New & Reclaimed Chromite versus Aluminosilicate Refractory Sand, Advantages and Drawbacks”. The topic explains how KersandTM, an andalusite based aluminosilicate special sand designed for steel, iron & copper alloys has significant potential to improve casting quality and may be an alternative to other types of sand, such as chromite and zircon.

Imerys Aluminates Technical Developer Flux, Rodrigo Lencina, and his team received the WFO best paper award for his insights about “Process Performance and Environmental impact of the CaO-Al2O3 Slag System as Alternative to Calcium Carbide for Desulfurization of Nodular Cast Iron”. The work shows a product based on pre-fused calcium aluminates as a greener alternative for the processing of nodular cast iron. The paper includes results from an LCA study, where it has been demonstrated that the proposed solution has a lower environmental impact than calcium carbide. Therefore, due to the positive industrial results and eco-friendliness, a solution involving calcium aluminate can be considered as a valid alternative to carbide in the desulfurization of nodular cast iron.

On top of sharing new technical insights, Imerys occupied large space at the “Creative Foundry” exhibition. Indeed, being complementary in terms of products, Imerys Metalcasting, and Imerys Aluminates had decided to exhibit side by side thus underlining their strong message to the foundry industry.

“The association of the two Imerys booths allowed a strong increase of the visibility for the group. It marked a significant step ahead in the recognition of Imerys as a leading supplier of innovative solutions in all applications of the foundry industry.” stated Danilo Frulli, Sales Director Metalcasting Europe.

Imerys Metalcasting and Imerys Aluminates will reinforce their common presence at the upcoming Ankiros fair in Istanbul October 25-27 at the shared booth H3-D150!


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