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Innovation in Investment Casting

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Remet prides itself on being a technology lead company that continually strives to push the boundaries of the materials that we offer. Our expanding product range offers the caster a wide range of choice when choosing the most appropriate materials for their process.

Our dedicated Research and Development team are constantly working on new and innovative approaches to making the materials used for Precision Investment Casting. Responding to the demands from industry we have developed a number of materials that provide enhancements to the investment casting process, are better for the environment and more economical. Recent developments include:

• FF>>FORM® is an unfilled wax that behaves like a highly-filled wax. It operates at a lower temperature than other waxes, and combines reduced cycle times with a rapid set-up and has no adverse sinkage effects.
• Quikset™ is a binder that promotes rapid drying of shell coats. Used as part of a back-up slurry it can reduce cycle times down to 1 hour per coat.
• EWash™ is a pattern wash that is a biodegradable alternative to petroleum based products, capable of etching a tree in 10 seconds

Remet’s UK office contains a fully equipped laboratory, wax press and operational shelling facility, all manned by highly skilled and knowledgeable staff. Having all this experience and equipment under one roof offers customers a one-stop-shop for all their investment casting needs. Remet’s facilities allow them to offer customers a range of value added services, like:

• Materials Analysis and Testing
• Product and Process Training
• Proof of Concept
• Pilot Trials

The ability to run pilot trials at Remet’s office means that it will not impact the customer’s own production. The trial can be run by the customer’s own staff working in Remet’s Shell Room, or by members of Remet’s team.

As it is not always practical to use Remet’s facility, due to location, scale of trial or conditions, Remet’s technical team will come to your location and support your process in-situ. The team can help set-up, develop and troubleshoot your process.


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