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REMET: Customer Focus Plus a Winning Formulation

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The modern Precision Investment Casting foundry is a very much changed place from the organisations that existed even ten years ago. Large industrial organisations with surplus capacity for research and research into alternative materials, technologies development are not unusual, but they are increasingly rare. PIC foundries now lean to production facilities heavily geared for manufacture with little spare resource to allow offline testing without impacting the manufacturing campaign. Managing a development campaign has therefore become more difficult and fraught with risk.

Remet has listened closely to our customers’ concerns, and is pleased to introduce its Shell Making Facility at the Company’s Research and Development Centre at Rochester, UK.

The Shell Making Facility now allows customers to replicate the process by manufacturing the shells completing them ready for boiler-clave, allowing customers to prove materials technologies and deliver results before putting at risk valuable production resources.

The all new investment, in excess of £200k, provides for the manufacture of shells up to 600mm envelope at a range of working environments. The temperature can be varied from 15C through to 30C +/- 1C; a humidity in the range 15 – 65%RH +/-1% and a variety of airspeeds with either static or pulsed air.

The facility has already been put to use by customers from aerospace, medical, commercial and automotive segments.

This Shell Making Facility complements the extended Wax Injection Facility where customers can inject wax patterns on CTM, MPI, and Modtech “C” Frame presses and larger parts on a 100 tonne Tempcraft 4 post wax press.

This now offers the ability to be able to manufacture grids, patterns and soluble wax shapes ready for use in production.

The Centre has already been used to prove some of REMET’s “FAST” concept materials, including the recently developed and patented Fastform™ FF>> pattern wax. FastForm™ FF>> is already proving to be highly effective, and is leading to massive improvements in manufacturing efficiency by reducing takt times by 50%, though 80% reduction has been achieved on some pieces.

Continuing its commitment to the Precision Investment Casting Industry, REMET is pleased to add additional capability in the form of wax making and wax injection at its 30,000 Sq.Ft Medway Facility to vertically integrate with its clients’ manufacturing facilities. Featuring a range of wax presses, bulk melting and precision cooling the manufacturing facility has been equipped with automatic materials handling, with all presses capable of rapid switching between different types of wax.

Training of staff has been ongoing over the past few months and will continue until the 4th quarter of 2015 when all existing presses, plus more on order will be fully commissioned and operational. By the time of completion REMET’s £450k investment will provide the single newest and largest wax making facility in Western Europe, which will be supported by REMET’s Quality Control Laboratory and Integrated Management System.

In what has been a big year for Customer focused investment, REMET intends add Approved Economic Operator status to its already impressive array of management systems, including ISO9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 18001, the only wax, binder, refractory supply organisation to offer all four management systems.

In order for modern foundries to remain world class, it is essential that suppliers support them such that they can achieve their goals. REMET is dedicated to the Precision Investment Casting Industry, and committed to assisting our customers to exceed their objectives.

REMET continues to harness themes of customer focus, risk management, chemistry, metallurgy, and material technology, in a winning formulation to best serve all in the PIC Industry.


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