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Meet the REMET® team at Metallurgy Litmash or EICF Lugano.

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REMET®, the specialist investment casting supplier, will be attending both Metallurgy Litmash, held in Moscow, and the EICF conference, held in Lugano in June.

REMET’s specialist team will be on hand at Metallurgy Litmash (3rd – 6th June) to give the Russian market a chance to come and discuss our unique investment casting solutions. The REMET team will be looking forward to field any questions concerning:

  • Upgrading to Colloidal Silica binders
  • Replacing montan wax in your process
  • Finding a high quality refractory for use with high performance allots
  • Casting of reactive alloys

Or, any other questions you might have concerning our product lines and how to improve your process.

REMET will also be attending the EICF conference ‘Excellence in the art of Investment Casting’, as the premier conference for the investment casting industry, REMET will be presenting our latest research findings. Dr. Grant Bradley, will be presenting a paper titled ‘The Three Surfaces of Slurry’. This paper offers a review and commentary on surfactants used in slurry. How they interact with the external surfaces of liquid and wax and the internal surfaces of refractory and latex particles.


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