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Interview with Sudhir Gurram and Darko Tesic from TCT-Tesic about used foundry-plants, repairing, modernizing and relocation in the metalcasting industry

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From Sweden to Egypt, from Australia and USA to Germany. TCT-Tesic buy and we sell, dismantle, assemble, repair and upgrade used foundry plants and machinery - worldwide.

Whether it is dismantling or re-installing of a complex moulding line, dismantling and repairing of a massive induction melting furnace or warm holding furnace or refurbishing of a core shooter or of a sand mixer - TCT-Tesic's orders are as complex as the foundry industry.

That is exactly why it makes so interesting for TCT-Tesic: The TCT team assures a competent, reliable and professional transaction to their customers. More than 20 years of vast experience and worldwide network of contacts gives a substantial confidence to manage these projects and making TCT the largest supplier of its kind in the world of foundries.
Sudhir Gurram (General Manager) and Darko Tesic (Senior Executive) explains in this Interview how the future direction of the company is.



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