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Küttner fluid bed and pneumatic transportation/ injection technology

Based on more than 300 fluid bed coolers installed in the foundry industry Küttner has developed over the years further application for drying, pyrolysis, reduction and oxidation in fluid bed reactors for most different industrial application. Recently Küttner and Martin have founded Küttner Martin Technology to join their competences to worldwide market thermal treatment of municipal sludge.


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Küttner started in the 1980s with mechanical sand reclamation, which is the basis to prepare material with all heating, drying, breaking, screening, sifting and magnetic separation equipment, and build in the 90th a first thermal reclamation using the steam pressure process and further thermal fluid bed reclamation furnaces for foundry core sand, furan sand and mix sand.

In the Iron & Steel Industry, Küttner uses fluid bed technology for the distribution of coal and for the separation from transport gas after grinding and drying coke. Coal is transported in a so called dense phase pneumatic transport with inert gas in main pipes over long distance to the Blast furnace area and from there distributed and injected with Oxygen into the Blast furnace to replace expensive lump coke. 

The injection of fines was also adopted for the foundry when injecting coke and carburizer fines with oxygen into the cupola.

For the treatment of iron, Küttner injects lime, magnesium and aluminat into huge steel making ladles from the top with lances while Cupola base iron is desulphurized continuously in porous plug ladles adding the agents from the top.

Over the years, the fluid bed technology was adopted and optimized for the combustion of municipal sewage sludge. Today, Küttners staggered combustion and flue gas circulation is considered Best Reference Technology.

One of Küttners latest developments in the field of fluid bed technology is the pre-heating of chrome ore fines for Submurged arc furnaces. Again, a combination of heating in fluid bed, even distribution to multiple feeding points at 900°C high temperature.



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