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A wide Range of Crucibles from Turkey

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Ozen Makina was established as a family owned company in 1970 in Istanbul, producing machinery parts, spare parts and tractor parts mainly for different industrial sectors. In the meantime, the company has realized a huge production capability in producing aluminum ladles which can transfer up to 40 tons of molten steel, and has since been manufacturing Iron (Cast Iron, Cast Iron, Ductile Iron, etc.) Bronze, and Aluminum Crucibles for more than 16 years.

Types of Ladles produced by Ozen Makina

  • Drum Type Ladles
  • Teapot Type Ladles
  • Noduler Iron Ladles
  • Bottom Pouring Ladles

Our Quality Policy
Our aim is to increase our sales and expand our customer range in the casting industry by ensuring the continuity of the satisfaction of our customers and the quality of our products.

To achieve this goal ,
1. We will make the necessary investments to move on to new products and manufacturing methods.
2. We will establish a strong business and understanding cooperation with our suppliers, which is evaluated with concrete data.
3. In order to ensure continuous improvement in the effective functioning of your quality management system, we will periodically evaluate all our processes and measure their performance.
4. We will attach importance to training activities to improve the professional competencies of our staff.

Our Board of Directors undertakes to provide all the resources needed for our quality management system to function effectively. We fully believe that our staff will work for our common success by doing their best.

Our Vision
To be a supplier that can design Casting Factory Equipment and Components.
Increasing our machine manufacturing range and producing machines coming from abroad.
The reputation of our company continues to increase with each passing year.

Our Mission
The main task of our company is to serve its customers with the right quality, at the right time, in the right definition and at the right price.

Standard and special design (suitible for your working conditions) of the ladle to be used. Foundry Ladles are be made according to the DIN EN 1247 Norm.