LK Machinery | The World Premiere of Dreampress 9000-ton Giga Press die-casting machine

LK Group has held a product launch of the world’s first 9000T in Ningbo, China.

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There are individuals, Representatives from the Government, Associations, and Media Professionals who attended to LK Ningbo Factory Open Day and The Summit Forum. 

The world’s largest die-casting machine, again.

Two years after the world’s first 6000T die-casting machine launched in 2019, LK has achieved another remarkable milestone this year; building the world’s first 9000T machine. The new model is named Dreampress and the clamping force is 9000 tons which is the largest die-casting machine in the world. It has technological breakthrough that differentiates from the traditional toggle-based and toggle-free machines, which have higher performances and wider application ranges, to fully meet the needs of large-size single piece casting production for the automotive industry. It provides a solid foundation for the sustainable development of the die-casting industry.

Giga Press signing ceremony 
One of the loyal customers of LK, who has been using more than 200 units of LK machines, has ordered 3 sets of LK Giga Press die-casting machines, which are 6800-ton, 8000-ton and 9000-ton. The signing ceremony was held during this event.

DREAMPRESS, the dream of die-casting
“At the beginning of the career, I supplied machines to customers that produce toy cars with die-casting. At that time, we have been dreaming whether it is possible to cast a full-size car in the same way. ” Said by the founder of LK Group, Liu Siong Song.  “I believe this dream will soon come true in the near future.”


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