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From September 18-20, 2019, METAL+METALLURGY THAILAND 2019 was successfully held at the Bangkok International Trade and Exhibition Center. More than 200 exhibitors from 20 countries and regions participated in the exhibition, and visitors from 32 countries and regions attended, including China, Thailand, US, UK, Germany, France, Japan, Korea, Canada, Spain, Malaysia, Philippine, Indonesia, India, Vietnam and Singapore. According to the interview with participators, 95% of exhibitors were satisfied with the event, 94% would continue to exhibit in the next year and 91% exhibitors would recommend this exhibition to their partners, customers. It all indicates that the first overseas exhibition sponsored by China Foundry Association made a big success.  

Sponsored by China Foundry Association, Metal+Metallurgy Thailand 2019 has won the supports from Thai Foundry Association, Thailand Convention and Exhibition Bureau, Thai-China Cultural Relations Committee, Trade Development Bureau of China, Chinese Embassy in Thailand, China Machinery Industry Federation, Thailand-China Industrial Cooperation Institute, the Eastern Thai Economic Corridor, China General Machinery Association, Thai Iron and Steel Institute, Thai Subcontracting Promotion Association, Thai Tool and Die Industry Association, as well as great support and active participation from other Asian foundry industry organizations, including the Institute of Indian Foundrymen, Japan Foundry Society, Vietnam Foundry Metallurgy Science Technology Association, Indonesian Foundry Industries Association, Mongolian Metallurgical Association, Korea Foundry Society, Federation of Malaysian Foundry & Engineering Industries Association, Hong Kong Foundry Association, Pakistan Foundry Association, Taiwan Casting Industry Association. 

The opening ceremony of Metal+Metallurgy Thailand was held in the morning of Sep. 18. Pini, former Deputy Prime Minister of Thailand and the chairman of Thai-China Cultural Relations Committee, Mr. Su Guangling, Deputy director of Promotion department, the Trade Development Bureau of China, Mr. Huang Kai, the first Secretary of Chinese Embassy in Thailand, Mr. Chiruit Isarangun Na Ayuthaya, Chairman of Thailand Convention and Exhibition Bureau, Mrs Achana Limpaitoon, the committee member of Thailand-China Industrial Cooperation Institute, Mr. Verapong Chaipern, chief expert of the Eastern Thai Economic Corridor, Mr. Zhang Libo, vice president of China Machinery Industry Federation and president of China Foundry Association delivered speeches at the opening ceremony.

China is Thailand’s largest export and import market and Thailand is China’s third largest trading partner among ASEAN countries. Chinese foundry equipment and raw and auxiliary materials have been warmly welcomed in Thailand, as well as bilateral cooperation in metal industry is very active. “Metal+Metallurgy Thailand” has established a platform for the exchange and cooperation of foundry industry between China and Southeast Asian countries. It is also an exploration and practice on international capacity cooperation with “Belt and Road” Initiative.

In line with the needs of the metal industry market in Thailand and Southeast Asia, the exhibits cover the entire industrial chain of technology, material, equipment and intelligent solution in industries of foundry, metallurgy, die casting, industrial furnace, heat treatment, robot, tube & wire, and cables, etc..

In order to facilitate the precise match of supply and demand during the exhibition days, except for product displays, sandboxes, posters, there were also a series of diversified events held at the same time, such as seminars, conferences and plant visits. They were to promote effective interaction between Chinese and foreign foundry industry organizations and enterprises, and build a display and exchange, business and innovation platform that was based in Southeast Asia, radiated the entire Asia-Pacific region and affected the global metal industry. 

The integration of technology and culture

Sino-Thai Art Casting Symposium 
"The unity of the diversity of technology and craftsmanship", "the perfect combination of the functional requirements and artistry of castings" and "the application of multiple metals and alloys" are three distinctive characteristics of Chinese art casting. Industry experts, scholars and company representatives gathered together, focusing on cultural elements such as the development of art casting technology, market trends and classic casting Buddha, and made in-depth discussions on the broad prospects for the cooperation on art casting between the two countries.

Industry insights reveal the trend
The “Efficient and Intelligent Foundry Equipment and Technology Development Forum”, “Green and Environmentally Friendly Foundry Materials and Technology Development Forum” and DISA Technology Seminar highlighting intelligence, green and brand, provided insights into industry’s forefront, wrote the results of transformation and upgrading, and promoted the industry-university-research combination.
Suzhou Mingzhi Technology, DISA, Nanjing Guhua, Jinpu Materials, SQ Group and Kaitai Group brought the latest research achievements to the exhibition. At the same time, the representatives of these exhibitors attended the forum, discussed and shared the sintered ceramic foundry sand process, efficient and environmentally friendly cleaning solutions, intelligent and efficient grinding and cleaning technology. At the forum, the companies focused on introducing the foundry equipment and materials that matched the needs of Thailand market, which has been well received by the participants.

Quality products gain orders
The first edition of Metal+Metallurgy Thailand achieved a double harvest of brand promotion and industry benefits. Environmentally friendly raw and auxiliary materials, high-end castings, die-castings, molds, intelligent equipment and innovative technologies with excellent quality and good reputation have greatly impressed the visitors. The exhibition not only enhanced China foundry brand, but also promoted the precise matching of high-quality resources and markets between China and Thailand.

Exhibitors’ messages
"Although it is the first session of the Thailand exhibition, our company has been fully prepared before the show, and more than 40 companies have visited our booth. Through this show, we have also deepened the Thai and Southeast Asian markets. I would like to thank the organizer and many old and new friends for their support again. "

"The effect is really beyond our expectation. The exhibition not only increases our sales, but also is helpful to improve our brand. We will register for the next show in 2020." 

"The exhibition is based in Thailand and radiating Southeast Asia and the entire Asia-Pacific region, it will help the foundry enterprises of Chinese and the other Asian countries and regions to achieve precise matching on capacity."

"By participating in the Thailand exhibition, we can better understand the needs of the Southeast Asian market, and also understand our product competitiveness in the market.”

The next Metal+Metallurgy is scheduled to be held from Sep. 16-18, 2020, BITEC Hall 105, Bangkok, Thailand. 
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