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RÖSLER: Professional surface finish through simulation solution in the aerospace sector

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In an industry such as the aerospace industry, nothing is left to chance; every detail, however small, must meet the highest standards of quality and safety. This is why the Polish company ATI ZKM was looking for a reliable partner for an efficient and economical shot blasting process with maximum reproducible results.

Rösler is a full-range supplier of surface finishing solutions, offering customer-specific solutions based on their many years of knowledge. For the individual plant/system designs, the latest simulation technology is employed. This allows the team at Rösler to determine the optimum turbine arrangement and thus the best shot blasting result on the workpiece at a very early stage of the project. In a regular exchange of information on site with Rösler and its partner Awexim, ATI ZKM was convinced via simulation that Rösler can represent and guarantee a realistic and reproducible shot blasting result. 

The requirement for this special project was the cleaning of heavy forgings with strong scale adhesion. Due to the complex workpiece geometry and the weight of the individual parts, the Rösler RRBK 16/11 HD-So construction shot blast machine is best suited for this purpose. In addition to reliable blasting results, this system variant offers flexible part handling, such as part loading from both sides and the possibility of forward/backward processing. In order to minimize energy and wear costs, a workpiece recognition system is used. This ensures that the Rösler Gamma 400 G high performance turbines only start blasting when a part enters the blast chamber. As soon as the workpiece leaves the blast chamber and no further part follows, the turbines go into standby mode. 

Thanks to the good cooperation with its sales and service partner Awexim Co. Ltd., Rösler's customers in Poland always have a competent contact person on site quickly and reliably.


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