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Special turbines for shot blasting in the forge and foundry industry

30 percent longer service life and lower operating costs

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The special version of the easy to maintain Rösler blast turbines Gamma 400G-8 has been perfectly adapted to the harsh blasting conditions in foundries and forge shops. Designed with 8 throwing blades and made from extremely wear resistant tool steel, the Gamma 400G-8 turbines offer an up to 30% longer service life than conventional turbines.  Moreover, the Y-design of the throwing blades ensures a more effective and energy efficient acceleration of the blast media. This results in lower operating and maintenance costs combined with a significantly higher equipment availability. 

Sand, oxide, scale and residue from the tempering process on castings and forgings inevitably cause the blast turbines to wear a lot faster and lead to higher operating and maintenance costs. Rösler Oberflächentechnik GmbH has tackled this problem head-on by developing the Gamma 400G-8. This turbine variant is especially wear resistant and offers the ideal solution for such challenging shot blasting applications. It can be easily installed in all turbine shot blast machines irrespective of the original manufacturer. Equipped with a power input of up to 37 kW, the direct drive Gamma 400G-8 turbines allow a blast media throughput of up to 460 kg/minute. 

8-bladed wheel design and tool steel guarantee a longer service life 
A key feature of these special turbines is the 8-bladed wheel design ensuring a greatly improved blast pattern.  In addition, the forged throwing blades, impeller and control cage are made from high-quality, extremely wear resistant forged steel. Likewise, the turbine housing is lined with the same material. Compared to conventional turbines, this results in an up to 30% longer service life. And the patented Y-design of the blades allows using both blade sides, which practically doubles their usable life. An innovative quick-change system allows a quick and easy blade change without having to touch the other turbine components. The time consuming dismounting of impeller, control cage and inlet tube is no longer necessary.

Improved performance and higher energy efficiency 
Another advantage of the Y-design with the precisely calculated blade curvature is a considerably better performance that expresses itself by a significantly higher throwing speed and a highly precise blast media delivery. The resulting improvement of the blast performance requires much shorter cycle times. Finally the energy efficient blast media delivery reduces the energy consumption by up to 15%. 
All these features uniquely qualify the custom-engineered Gamma 400G-8 turbines for use in foundries and forge shops. They offer a tremendous potential for not only reducing the operating and maintenance costs but, at the same time, increasing the shot blast capacity and overall cost-efficiency. 


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