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SOGEMI ENGINEERING S.R.L.: Simplex Thermal Regeneration Sand Plant for No Bake with Heat Recovery by SOGEMI

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Sogemi started developing the thermal regeneration plant, Simplex , since the beginning of the 90's.

This system has been designed after many studies and experience with the aim to have a reliable plant  with high performance at the lowest operative cost with the ability to solve the problems  of foundries of chemically bonded sand discharge.

With the thermal regeneration, the foundry will eliminate the cost of discharge of exhausted sand and the cost of buying new sand .

The sand inside the thermal regeneration plant has to be in granular size and free of any metallic particles .

According to the quantity of resin contained in the sand, the temperature inside the combustion chamber will be between 700 -800 °C , in order to avoid any  emission of pollutants and to reach the requirement in loss of Ignition .

Sogemi plant is characterized by :

  • Fluidized bed combustion chamber .
  • Energy recovery with heat exchange between calcinated  hot sand coming from the combustion chamber , and fluidizing air before entering in the fluidized bed combustion chamber by means of a double independent circuit ,avoiding direct contact between air and sand (no problem with maintenance of the air nozzles).
  • Control of the weight of the sand inside of the combustion chamber by means of weighing cells .
  • Complete combustion of all possible polluting substances , no need for  any post-combustion .
  • Proportional valve for combustion system in order to have a precise and efficient  control of the elements of the combustion .
  • Possibility to regenerate all  chemical bonded sand  types with different process : alkaline , polyurethanic , furan , shell molding , cold-box, hot box ..

ENERGY CONSUPTION  The energy consumption is influenced by the quantity of resin contained  in the sand, in consequence of its heating value . .

Specific consumption is hereunder reported , considering sand with 1,5% of resin :

  • Natural gas consumption (with heating value of  8.500 Kcal/Nm3) for ton of sand reclaimed :  20 Nm3/tons of treated sand , with higher quantity of resin inside the sand the consumption of gas can reach  17-18 Nm3/ton .
  • Electric power : 13 -50 Kw , depends on the size of the plant .
  • Yield in weight of sand ~ 98% .
  • Loss of ignition of sand after  thermal treatment (LOI) : 0,01 – 0,05% , depending on customer  requirements .

Sogemi produces different model thermal regeneration plant  with different capacity :

SIMPLEX 500500  KG/H
SIMPLEX 10001000 KG/H
SIMPLEX 20002000 KG/H
SIMPLEX 30003000 KG/H
SIMPLEX 50006000 KG/H



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