The DISAMATIC® D5 is here: future-proof moulding performance for large castings

DISA has launched the DISAMATIC® D5, a new green-sand vertical moulding machine for large castings. Based on the revolutionary D3 platform, the D5’s multiple innovations and cutting-edge technology deliver the fastest throughputs, highest yields and maximum uptime.

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Replacing the popular DISAMATIC 240 and 250, this new member of DISA’s flagship D Line is available in three mould sizes up to 650x850mm and 500mm thick. With three speeds up to 450 uncored moulds per hour, it combines premium mould quality with breathtaking speed, short-run flexibility and minimum maintenance.

“The digital-ready DISAMATIC D5 is perfect for ambitious foundries that want a future-proof way to transform big casting production,” said Nina Rasmussen, VP Product Development at DISA. “We’ve built on the worldwide success of the DISAMATIC D3, evolving the design and adding numerous upgrades that help achieve the very lowest cost per casting. The D5 features many smart innovations and powerful automation options that let it handle large pattern plates, cores and filters precisely, quickly and safely.”

Sustainable innovation delivers a step change in performance

The new DISAMATIC D5’s high performance demonstrates the success of DISA’s sustainable innovation ethos: minimise environmental impact while also making sound business sense. The D5’s energy efficiency and clever enhancements cut CO2 emissions and reduce waste – while also delivering lower running costs, higher yields and greater productivity.

The D5’s all-new hydraulics and state-of-the-art control system stand out, closely followed by a host of smart innovations, like the new ”mouldability” features that let foundries produce a wider range of large, complex castings while maintaining impeccable quality:

  •    Adjustable Squeeze Distribution balances swing plate and pressure plate squeezing distance to handle difficult castings with ease, completely filling deep pockets and delivering optimum surface finish with consistent mould hardness.
  •   Adaptive Pouring Position keeps the distance between the D5 and the pouring unit constant to minimise pouring cup movement, improving quality and line speed, while features like re-squeeze, enhanced sand blow-off and extra heating in the sand shot system and hopper remove loose or sticking sand for improved surface quality – and far less scrap.

High speed, high quality moulding – but simple maintenance

With a Quick Pattern Changer fitted as standard, the DISAMATIC D5 combines blistering speed with great flexibility. A wide range of powerful options, like the Automatic Pattern Changer and Automatic Core Setter, further enhance its ability to maintain stable, high quality production while coping easily with multiple pattern changes per shift. With a NoriGate gateway pre-installed, the D5 arrives ready for Industry 4.0 too.

As well as its smart technology, the D5 exhibits the rigidity, simplicity and robustness that DISA is famous for. Ultra-reliable with standardised components, the DISAMATIC D5 is built for easy servicing, lower maintenance costs and a lifetime measured in decades.

User-friendly, quiet and dust-free in operation, it also creates a clean and modern working environment with features like the intuitive touchscreen control panel that make operators’ lives much more attractive.

Transform large casting production

German foundry LEDA has already realised the new machine’s advantages for high volume output of large castings, replacing its DISA 250 with a new D5 that joins the DISAMATIC D1 installed in 2019. As the D5 deliberately retains the key dimensions of the 240/250 models, the new machine fitted straight into the existing line with minimal disruption.

“We have now replaced all our vertical moulding machines with the latest D-series DISAMATICs and have future-proofed our processes,” said Rochus Hiller, Foundry Manager at LEDA Werk. ”The investment in new state-of-the-art equipment has enabled us to reduce our operating and maintenance costs, improve our energy costs and achieve high machine availability.”

“I’m delighted to welcome this new addition to our premier range of moulding machines,” said Nina. “With the D5, our customers can produce large castings at higher quality and greater speed while cutting their operating costs to the bone. Like all DISAMATICs, D5 moulding lines deliver consistent, repeatable and high quality moulds right from the start to give the lowest cost per casting – and that’s exactly what our customers are looking for.”

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