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Tinker Omega Sinto President receives E.J. Walsh Award

Wil Tinker, President of Tinker Omega Sinto, was recently (16th of November 2018) recognised for his commitment to the foundry industry with the E. J. Walsh Award.

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The E.J. Walsh Award is the highest honour FEF currently bestows on the person who has given outstanding service over the years to the goals and ideals of FEF. It was established in 1981 to honour Edward J. Walsh for his 33 years of service as FEF's second Executive Director.

Edward Walsh 1981
John Miller          1983
Professor Robert Wolf 1984
Walter E. Brown         1985
Walter O. Larson 1986
James P. Keating 1987
Tony Dorfmueller 1988
Bob Nevins 1989
Bill Parana         1990
Jack Miske            1991
George Booth 1992
Charlie Marshall         1993
Ray Witt      1994
Hugh Sims   1995
R. Bruce McClelland 1996
Ron Claussen 1997
Burleigh Jacobs 1998
Douglas Warner  1999
Paul Carey  2000
Jack Bodine 2001
Carl Loper  2002
Paul Barker 2003
Dwight Barnhard 2004
Conner Warren 2005
Paul Mikkola 2006
Bob Smillie 2007
Phil Duke         2008
Chuck Fowler 2009
Richard Poirier 2010
Bob Mortenson 2011
Rob Steele         2012
Tom Cobett 2013
John (Chip) Keough 2014
Bill Sorensen 2015
Rick James 2016
Gary Gigante 2017

When asked to say a few words about this prestigious recognition, Mr Tinker said:

"I was a FEF (Foundry Educational Foundation) student in college. Through the FEF I received scholarships and an internship that resulted in my choosing foundry work as my career.  Without the FEF I would not have known the industry existed.  Without the FEF I would not be in this industry. I was truly honored to receive this award. When I look at the previous leaders of industry that have received it I am truly humbled to be included with them."


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