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02. Oktober 2016

TCT's new gantry crane: Storage up to 100 sea containers!

New gantry crane, new possibilities! TCT is expanding its logistics with an upgraded gantry crane. The expanded capacity of 25 tons, allows it for 100 Sea containers or several heavy machines, to be moved and stored at our...

07. September 2016

Fassmet goes live

For the autumn season FassMet is organizing scheduled online sessions to allow you to receive updates on its latest.What will these online sessions cover? Quality control of the production process by integrating the latest...

06. Juli 2016


During the 1980s the steel plants' production needed the integration of elements such as additives and inoculants to improve the metal treatment process.After a little while iron foundries themselves, producing nodular iron...

05. Juli 2016

100 Jahre Innovation in der Schmelzgusstechnik

Vesuvius, ein weltweit führendes Unternehmen im Bereich Schmelzgusstechnik, feiert dieses Jahr sein 100-jähriges Firmenjubiläum. Von den Ursprüngen in Pittsburgh während des 1. Weltkriegs bis zur heutigen neuen Generation von...

05. Juni 2016


Each iron foundry distinguishes itself for its own casting production, using its own peculiar alloys' composition. Such alloys' composition can vary depending on the material and the specific requirements of the clientele....

26. April 2016

ASK Chemicals präsentiert innovative Lösungen und Expertenwissen auf dem 72. World Foundry Congress 2016

The future of castingUnter dem Motto „The future of casting“ stellt ASK Chemicals sein komplettes Produktportfolio vor und präsentiert im Rahmen des diesjährigen World Foundry Congress in Nagoya sein Expertenwissen in spannenden...

18. April 2016

Disa, FOMET, Otto Junker – An Advanced Foundry Investment in the Ukraine

Opening ceremony Metalyt - GalleryChervona Zirka, Metalyt Foundry has installed a new foundry for agricultural and hydraulic castings with equipment from DISA, FOMET and Otto JunkerMachinery and Casting Tradition since 1874The...

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