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13. May 2010

Bosch enters BIPV market

Bosch’s first façade solar photovoltaic (PV) system has started feeding into the grid in Germany.

The Bosch building integrated PV (BIPV) project was a joint project between Bosch Solar Energy AG and Bosch subsidiary Johanna Solar Technology GmbH.

The aim of the cooperation was to integrate high-capacity solar PV modules into a building facade in a visually and architecturally sophisticated way.

The BIPV solar system has an output of 21 kWp and was installed as a part of a facade remodelling project.

The Johanna Solar Technology CIS solar modules generate around 19 MWh of electricity a year across the 300 m2.

The BIPV solar modules slope 10° towards the sun to achieve greater output.

A subsidiary of the Bosch Group since December 2009, Johanna Solar Technology develops and manufactures thin-film solar modules based on CIS technology.

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