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04. July 2017

USA – Local sale raises Fairfield foundry hopes

At least one official is “very optimistic” after Fairfield Casting LLC was sold Wednesday night.

“Out of all the possible outcomes that could have come from the auction, I think this will be very positive for Fairfield overall,” wrote Joshua Laraby, executive director of the Fairfield Economic Development Association.

In a release to the general public, he warned that information is still coming in; the sale was “commencing” on Thursday, so there are a lot of unknowns.

“We look forward to providing … information about employment opportunities and dates of when production will begin at Faircast, Inc.”

More information should be known over the next few days, he wrote. Laraby’s statement was sent to the Courier very early around 1 a.m. Thursday.

“Initial reports from the sale are positive,” Mayor Ed Malloy told the Courier Thursday morning.

”What we do know for sure,” said Laraby, “is that the operation will remain in Fairfield and that the local investment group is passionate about the long-term success and sustainability of the foundry.”

“It’s the good news we were all hoping for,” agreed Malloy. “Though we don’t know too many details, we’re happy with what we do know.”

Though he didn’t give details, he said there’d been a “cloud hanging over” the foundry for several years.

One engineer who’d spent more than 20 years with the foundry, Jeff Vorhies, said he'd had a lot of concerns about the former company and its leadership.

“Fairfield Castings used to be a decent place to work; in my opinion … that changed when Dexter sold to Revstone Industries. Things started to go downhill quickly after the sale,” he told the Courier.

He’s found a new foundry job, he said, and is happier now.

Whether there will be jobs for everyone at the new Faircast, neither Malloy nor Laraby could guess. But FEDA said they’re ready to help.

“Prior to learning who the new ownership would be, FEDA began organizing and advertising for a manufacturing job fair set for July 6 in Fairfield.

“Almost all the manufacturing companies in Fairfield have open positions and are currently hiring,” Laraby said. “Even though we are positive about the future of the foundry, FEDA has decided to continue with holding the job fair.”

Source: www.ottumwacourier.com

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