Metalpol Węgierska Gorka Sp. z o.o.

ul. Kolejowa 6, 34-350 Wegierska Gorka, Poland


The company METALPOL Wegierska Gorka, continuing the traditions of Fabryka Armatury i Odlewni S.A. Wegierska Gorka ( fittings and foundry factory) , is one the oldest plants in the metallurgical sector in Poland- it is over 181 years old.

METALPOL Wegierska Gorka manufactures products made of nodular cast iron EN GJS 400-15, 400-18, 400-18 LT, 500-7, 600-3, 700-2 and grey cast iron EN GJL-200, 250, 300 in accordance with the quality and applicable requirements standards of domestic and foreign markets.

METALPOL Wegierska Gorka is a supplier of cast iron products for the needs of the following industries: machine, automotive, rail, mining and many others, in Poland and abroad as well.

The main recipients of the products are customers from Poland and Belgium, China, Czech Republic, France, Finland, the Netherlands, Lithuania, Germany, Serbia, Sweden, Switzerland, Slovenia, Slovakia, Russia, Ukraine, the USA, Hungary, Great Britain, Italy ...

METALPOL has Certificates of the Integrated Management System: ISO 9001: 2015, IATF 16946: 2016 and ISO 14001: 2015, employs over 300 qualified employees and has production capacity of over 20,000 tons of castings per year.


ul. Kolejowa 6
34-350 Wegierska Gorka

Telephone +48 33 864 18 01

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