MLZ foundry

188/2, Heroiv Ukrainy St., 72319 Melitopol, Zaporizhzhia oblast, Ukraine


MLZ foundry was founded in the early 1990s as a production base for the research and development institute of special-property steels and superalloys.

There are a lot of innovative methods that were actively implemented at the plant. Over time, MLZ foundry reorganized into separate enterprises with a casting workshop using Lost Foam technology that is able to produce up to 300 metric tons of casting products per month weighing from 0.1 to 1000 kilograms.

MLZ foundry is a 100% Lost Foam foundry
Lost Foam technology is a unique casting process that is perfectly suited to the production of castings that are geometrically complex. The process is locked up in the casting pattern producing of expandable polystyrene. During the pouring, the flowing melted metal vaporises the foam pattern and at the same time precisely fills the resulting hollow space. In this way, an exact metallic copy of the foam pattern is created. In addition to geometrical complexity, castings that are made using Lost Foam technology have a high-end surface quality and size precision.

Advantages of Lost Foam technology:

  • allows to produce geometrically tricky details with the top-quality of surface
  • the highest size precision and 
  • minimal fits
  • reducing or escaping of the following machining costs
  • capability of casting weight reduction in favour of thin-walled castings using
  • low cost and short time of pattern creating

MLZ foundry workshops are equipped according to the highest standards, including induction furnaces from 250 to 2500 kilograms as well as modern laboratory facilities for the chemical analysis and physical properties control.
The molding line is equipped with an automatic sand regeneration system (cooling, fine fraction separation, magnetic cobber).

Flask workshop 
Standard flask sizes of 600х600х600mm, 1000х1000х1000mm, 1200х1200х1500mm, 2000х600х2000mm are used at MLZ Foundry, but they are able to create flasks of other sizes for producing custom outsized castings.

Currently, MLZ foundry is producing castings made of the following metals and alloys:
-    gray cast iron
-    alloyed special quality cast iron
-    ductile iron
-    carbon steel
-    low carbon steel
-    heat resistant steel
-    low-alloy steel
-    special quality steel

Quality management system certified according with international standard compliance ISO 9001:2015.

MLZ Foundry's cast products are used in most diverse manufacturing sectors, from machine-building and energy industries, to consumer products and ornamental / art castings.


188/2, Heroiv Ukrainy St.
72319 Melitopol, Zaporizhzhia oblast

Telephone +38 067 80258 19

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Foundry of Excellence: MLZ Foundry

MLZ foundry was founded in the early 1990s as a production base for the research...
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