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Walther Trowal GmbH & Co. KG

Rheinische Str. 35-37 , 42781 Haan, Germany


Rheinische Str. 35-37
42781 Haan

Telephone 02129/571-0
Fax 02129/571-225
Email info(at)walther-trowal.de

Press Releases & News

Walther Trowal: Aluminium strahlt Aluminium
Durchlaufanlagen für das schonende Strahlen von Teilen aus LeichtmetallenNeue D...
Walther Trowal: Aluminum for blasting aluminum
Continuous feed shot blast machines for gentle blast cleaning of light metal wor...



  • Surface treatment (Oberflächenbehandlung)
  • Environmental protection and waste removal (Umweltschutz und Entsorgung)

Wheelabrator Group GmbH

Heinrich-Schlick-Strasse 2, D 48629 Metelen, Germany


Heinrich-Schlick-Strasse 2
D 48629 Metelen

Telephone +49 2556 88-0
Fax +49 2556 88 150
Email kontakt(at)wheelabratorgroup.de

Press Releases & News

Evolution und Kontrolle: Wheelabrators neues Schleuderrad für Gießereianwendungen bleibt immer auf der Ideallinie
Oberflächentechnikexperte Wheelabrator hat auf der GIFA 2015 ein neuartiges Sch...
Evolution and control: Wheelabrator’s new foundry wheel stays on the racing line for step-change in productivity
Surface preparation expert Wheelabrator has invented a brand new blast wheel for...
Wheelabrator: Doing the math: $14k improvement on blast equipment saves US Foundry $64,000 – per year
America’s premier producer of municipal castings, US Foundry, has dramatically...


528 Avenue de Savoie, BP3 - 38570 Le Cheylas, France


528 Avenue de Savoie
BP3 - 38570 Le Cheylas

Telephone +33 4 76 92 92 20
Fax +33 4 76 92 92 69
Email contact.france(at)wabrasives.com

Press Releases & News

Winoa improves Total Cost of Blasting (TCB)
Thanks to its 50 years of experience, Winoa is able to reduce its customers' bla...
WINOA: Value added cleaning through blasting media
Dust, scale and other contaminants in the blasting media can potentially reduce ...
Winoa : 5 Reasons you can benefit from W Abrasives’ solutions
Winoa, an international market-leading innovator of steel abrasives products and...


Company Profile

Winoa is an international market-leading innovator of steel abrasives products and services, renowned all over the world under the brand "W Abrasives". Steel abrasives are used in the metal industry for cleaning, surface preparing and fatigue resistance enhancing, but also in the stone industry to cut granite blocks into thin slabs. It plays a determining role in the production processes of numerous activities, including construction, transport, equipment goods, iron & steel and energy industries.  Since 1961 Winoa continues to contribute significantly and bring innovation in products, services and technologies dedicated to these market areas. Winoa teams up with its customers everywhere in the world, offering economical, ecological and easy to use solutions to transform their products. Always attentive to its customers, Winoa pays particular attention to the quality and performance of its products & services and relies on the professionalism of its teams.

Headquartered in Le Cheylas, France, Winoa employs a diverse and highly skilled global workforce exceeding 1,000 employees in 28 countries on 4 continents, 6 Technical & Training Centers, and a team of 25 technical experts.  


Products & Services

As a world leader in its market, W Abrasives provides unrivaled expertise in the products, services and technologies dedicated to cleaning. Desanding and descaling works are major applications for which W Abrasives contributes its added value.

Premium SERIES

High-productivity grit for desanding operations
High Performance Grit is a steel grit specially designed to improve shot blasting performance in foundries and forges. It works faster and last longer. Its capacity for removing and cleaning sands, resins or scale is unequalled.

Premium product for descaling operations in wheel-blasting
STAINIUM® is specially developed for descaling applications when little roughness is required at the end of the process. Especially available in fine grades, STAINIUM® provides a more stable operating mix.

Hybrid Shot

Premium mix for low machine wear in desanding operations
HYBRID SHOT was developed specifically to address new demands for desanding in foundries and descaling in forges and wire drawing plants. By reducing machine wear it helps to reduce maintenance costs while at the same time achieving remarkable performance in terms of cleaning.

STELUX® is a stainless steel abrasive media
STELUX® is used for surface cleaning, preparation and finishing of non-ferrous metals, stainless steel castings or forgings, as well as granite and marble. STELUX® is provided in two different grades: C (Chromium stainless steel shot) and CN (Chromium - Nickel stainless steel shot).

Quenched and tempered, it is a spherical product of hypereutectoid steel (C ≥ 0,85%). Perfectly controlled heat treatments provide it with optimum resilience and resistance to fatigue.
This type of shot is used in all applications where the desired effect is for mass and maximum bounce as well as for shot peening.

A cast steel angular grit is produced by crushing specially heat treated oversize shot pellets. It is utilised for blast cleaning or surface preparation.

Quenched and tempered, angular when new, this grit rapidly rounds off in use and is particularly suited to descaling applications.

Quenched and tempered, although harder than GP steel grit, GL also loses its sharp edges during shot blasting and is particularly suited to descaling and surface preparation applications.

Quenched with maximum hardness, GH always remains angular in its operating mix. These abrasives are particularly effective in surface treatment processes and produce a uniform, etched finish.
For use mainly with compressed air equipment.

Steel grits WGR are special products used for the cutting of hard stone products such as granite. Ask for our commercial-technical teams.

For further detailed product information, services and technology, please visit:


Wollin GmbH

Kiesäckerstraße 23, D-73547 Lorch , Germany


Kiesäckerstraße 23
D-73547 Lorch

Telephone +49 (0) 7172 - 9105-0
Fax +49 (0) 7172 - 9105-11
Email wollin(at)wollin.de

Press Releases & News

Wollin GmbH: Spraying stability
Die spraying is an important process step during pressure die casting because it...
Wollin - Die Spraying Systems
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