CITNM - Centre for Innovation and Technology N. Mahalingam

Rua António da Silva Brinco, 265, 3750122 Águeda, Portugal


CITNM is a knowledge center for the automotive, metallurgy and foundry industries, that aims to serve the community. It is based on an innovative model that is established on the creation of a network model of national and international partnerships in the sector.

The will to serve the industry and the community is expressed in the vision, where CITNM takes on an initiative to “Prepare Future Generations in a School-Company Environment of Excellence”.

​This service to the community is carried out on two strategic axes: Education and Research, Development and Innovation (RD&I).

​Regarding education, CITNM intends to meet the industry needs regarding the qualification of employees. CITNM acts in the working context at the technical training level and higher education through partnerships with universities, in order to respond to current and future needs.

​In terms of R&D&I, CITNM seeks to identify and promote the development of projects that create new business opportunities for partner companies, improve their products or services and contribute to the generation of knowledge. Project developments are carried out in partnership with multidisciplinary and international teams, contributing to the internationalization of Portuguese engineering and the importation of new knowledge and technology to Portugal.


Rua António da Silva Brinco, 265
3750122 Águeda

Telephone +351 234 249 983

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