F+M Engineering (Foundry & Metallurgy Engineering SA)

Via Industria 79, 6987 Caslano, TI, Switzerland


The specialized technical knowledge in the No-bake foundry sector and its production capacity make the F+M group a world leader, with installations and plants realised worldwide.
The staff located, in particular in Switzerland (FME) and in the Czech Republic (FMM) has decades of experience in mechanical and electrical design of foundry machines and plants and the manufacturing standards, place our products at a high-quality and innovative level.
The technical solutions we offer to our customers, allow us to create efficient foundries, with reduced production costs, reduced environmental impact thanks to its solutions in terms of raw material consumption and sand reclamation, in full compliance with the strictest regulations in terms of security for the workforce.
Our area of interest begins in supporting our customers with dedicated engineering studies, specific to the needs of the foundry, both from the technical point of view (choice of the process, definition of layout and sizing of the plant) and the economic point of view (feasibility study , investment budget and economic return).
Our technicians are able to design and engineer any type of No-bake foundry, from the simplest to the most automated ones that use vertical warehouses for large casting, up to the inclusion of 3-level software that communicates with the customer's ERPs.
The production capacity developed by the plant located in the Czech Republic, with its covered surface of 30,000 m2, can realize complete plants and test all the equipment before shipment.
The factory has personnel for material preparation, cutting, welding and is equipped with an area dedicated to mechanical processing with updated machines in size and productivity.
For over 20 years the factory has built the largest plants ever realised in the No-bake and in the metallurgical sectors.
The after-sales service in Switzerland for technical assistance and support with spare parts to the plants, completes the panorama of activities developed by a dynamic and efficient group, always ready to support customers around the world.
Through the brand Bicor the group is able to build and service core-shooting machines.
The Czech and Swiss companies are completed by a branch in Bangalore - India, and an office in Italy.  Molding line sold to Belarus. Mobile mixer sold to Spain Detail of proprietary software


Via Industria 79
6987 Caslano, TI

Telephone +41 (0)91 611 2040

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