Via dell’Artigianato, 26, 22063 Cantù (CO), ITALY


Farina Marco S.r.l.  is an Italian qualified O.E.M. skilled in design, construction and maintenance of high-tech TRIMMING TOOLS and equipment to finishing aluminium and magnesium casting. The trimming tools can be integrated with saw cutting, drilling and threading systems. which has no limits in complexity and size (max  size 2300 x 1300 x 1500 ; Kg 5000). The main sectors of application are: automotive, furnishing, electromechanical, electric-household, gardening and textile.

Farina Marco S.r.l.  company was established in 1974 and has continuously developed and increased its know-how. The company specialises in trimming tools construction which are made to the customers’ specifications including an entire in-house design and engineering department working with CAD 3D programs Farina Marco exhibits its product in the most important international trade fairs Euroguss ; Gifa and also Metef  

Farina Marco S.r.l. is fully involved in the international market who takes more than 70 % of the turnover, taking advantage of the necessary organization to offer goods and services at best relationship quality/price with high degree of responsiveness. A dedicated customer service has always been one of our top priorities. We usually sell in Germany, the Scandinavian market, UK, Poland, Spain, Portugal, Slovenia , Austria . Farina Marco S.r.l. works also with the new markets such as Turkey , Brazil and Russia.

Products and Services

Farina Marco S.r.l. is one of the top expert producers for trimming tool in Europe and business is focused in stamping and trimming tools for aluminium and magnesium.

It can produce tools for all sizes of high pressure casted parts from a few grams components up to a very heavy castings of up to 20 kgs, as parts produced from die casting cells are from 300 up to 4000 ton.

We produce tools for all sectors: Automotive, industrial components, gardening, lighting.

We have special experience in the production tool for automotive components in aluminium and magnesium. In the latest years, a part of production also moved into the construction of trimming tools for big structural components like shock towers and boxes for electrical batteries for hybrid and electrical vehicles. Farina Marco S.r.l. also usually manages with Magnesium components such as instruments panel, boxes, etc

The tools are state of the art and it is standard to apply hydraulic cylinders, double trimming effect and several drilling or tapping units. It is also standard to use sawing systems to cut big gating channels and we have extensive experience in this.

Our complete production is done internally, and the tool is designed to all clients specifications. Machining and assembly is done inside of the facility, as this keeps the process under control and to be on time with the deliveries.

All the tools are shipped ready to use and tested and adapted to hot parts as in serial production, provided with all the electrical and Hydraulical connections.


Via dell’Artigianato, 26
22063 Cantù (CO)

Telephone +39 031 734890

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