FAT Förder- und Anlagentechnik GmbH

Industriestr. 12, 57572 Niederfischbach, Germany


Since 1973, we have developed, designed and manufactured machines and plants for no bake foundrys.

In addition to mechanical reclamation, our portfolio also includes the thermal reclamation of used sand. FAT separates chromite sand and offers complete solutions for moulding plants with a high degree of automation. The components are designed and produced in our own work shops at Niederfischbach.

Environmental protection, sparing use of raw materials resources and ever higher demands on casting quality make a continuous improvement in processes necessary. Because of this economical, reasonable and sustainable recycling is becoming more and more important.

We take on these challenges.

Our products have been used successfully worldwide for decades. High reliability, extensive wear protection measures and long service lives, help to make production processes even more efficient. Scores of national and international customers in different industries benefit from the know-how and the experience of over 40 years company history. 


Industriestr. 12
57572 Niederfischbach

Telephone +49 2734-509-0

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