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FerroPem, member of Spanish Group FerroAtlantica (and previously a division of French Group Pechiney), is a worldwide producer of a large range of inoculants, nodularisers, cored wires and inserts for cast irons foundries. The Group runs 6 plants in France, 1 in China and 2 in South Africa.

FerroPem is a world leader in foundry products solutions and sells its products in more than 44 countries. FerroPem has more than 125 years of experience in the field of electro-metallurgy. We are specialist of « carbothermic » reduction by electrical furnace and equipped with 15 furnaces for a total power capacity of 360 MW. We are able to produce more than 60 000 tonnes of foundry products (inoculants & nodularisers).

Our own Research Laboratory, is able to make trial runs, all kind of chemical and granulometry analysis, metallographic studies, Scanning Electron Microscopy…
for our own R&D and, most of all, to support all our customers on their developments and technical problems analysis. "Our products improve yours"


Inoculants : full range for furnace, ladle or stream inoculation. Chemistry with Mn, Zr, Sr, Ba, Bi, RE, Ca, Al... Inoculation blocks for mold from 20gr up to 20 kg Nodularisers : Mg from 5 to 9%, with or without RE... Cored wires : inoculants, nodularisers or both In house R&D and analysis Laboratory.

  • Inoculants
  • Inoculation blocks for mold
  • Nodularisers
  • Cored wires


517 Avenue de la Boisse
73000 Chambery

Telephone +33479683100

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