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Foundequip is a leading supplier in the study and construction of equipment and machines for green-sand foundries. Thanks to its collaborators and its qualified and dynamic staff, it is always in evolution to satisfy clients ‘needs and to offer them a specialist assistance.

The technology used, the know-how, assimilated with a long experience maturated directly in situ, and the cooperation with specialized companies, allow to Foundequip to offer to the clients a customized and high quality product.

Passion, innovation and technology are the characteristics that made Foundequip so competitive in worldwide markets.


Foundequip’s moulding lines are realized for the production of castings in steel, cast iron, aluminium and bronze.

These installations are projected and produced in base of the requests of the Client. They could be in different sizes and for different types of flasks, all according to the Clients’ needs and also considering the dimensions of the place where they will be installed.

The heart of moulding lines is the moulding machine. Foundequip can offer to clients different types of moulding machine such as Multipistons moulding machine, “Silent Flex” moulding machine, FastLoop or Shot-squeeze moulding machine.

The more appropriate solution is suggested according to the Client’s type of production and it can be a stand-alone machine or installed into a moulding line. It can also be fully automatic or semi-automatic.

All these machines are realized to require minimum maintenance and they can guarantee a good castings surface and so reduce the moulding scraps.


Foundequip’s sand plants are studied to supply different solutions for the green sand reclamation and regeneration. The importance to have good sand allows us to develop some solutions useful to improve sand quality, and so reduce scraps and increase the surface quality of the final product.

Our technical team offers the more suitable solutions to the client considering its specific needs, both in production, both in location availability.

The heart of these installations is the green sand mixer and the systems for the sand quality control.

The mixers are realized to permit a good quality of mixing with short cycle times which can be completed with devices for sand analysis. These devices are able to guarantee a sand with the required characteristics that become also uniform and repetitive during the time.

  • Moulding machines
  • Pneumatic transport systems
  • Shake out
  • Compacting tables
  • Cooling drums
  • Oxicombustion rotary furnaces
  • Metallic conveyors
  • Automatic casting device
  • Manipulators
  • Green sand mixers
  • Moulding plants
  • Green sand preparation and regeneration systems
  • Automatic green sand control system
  • Furnace loading systems
  • Pouring systems
  • Fumes and dust dumping plant


Via Volta, 17
31027 Spresiano (TV)

Telephone + 39 0422 880831

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