Foundry Service GmbH

Sonnenblumenallee 12 (near Grohe Forum), 58675 Hemer, Germany


Who We Are

The Foundry Service GmbH is one of Europe's leading suppliers of maintenance, repair, re-manufacturing and modernization of induction equipment and crane pouring ladles of different manufacturers.

In recent years, we have time and again come to the conclusion, that the well-known liquid iron transport containers in a foundry can be further redeveloped in terms of process optimization.

Our understanding of modern liquid iron transport containers goes far beyond the mere moving and pouring of liquid iron.

The necessary checks of ladles and accessories are completed in the factory and on site in accordance with the current regulations (eg DIN EN 1247). The dismantled crane pouring ladles are checked in our factory-owned torque testing stand.

All new and rebuilt equipment always leave our factory with the legally required technical documentation in accordance with the EU Machinery Directives.


Sonnenblumenallee 12 (near Grohe Forum)
58675 Hemer

Telephone +49 (0) 2372 - 5598 - 0

Press Releases & News

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