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Over 100 Years of Company History

Künkel-Wagner was established in 1907 as a mechanical engineering company specialized in foundry technology. Since then, the headquarters of the internationally operating company including administration, a research and development division, fabrication division and project management is situated in Alfeld (near Hanover).

1909 Development of hand moulding machines

Since the construction of the very first hand moulding machines in the year 1911, Künkel-Wagner has considerably contributed to the advancement of the foundry technology and has developed a wide range of foundry equipment. In the late 1950s, Künkel-Wagner was one of the first companies offering fully automatic moulding plants. Innovative moulding techniques were developed and the first alternatives to jolt-squeeze moulding machines presented. It did not take long for us to realise the importance and relevance of the quality of sand preparation plants for the casting process and we consequently integrated moulding sand preparation in our own production programme. There were concepts for core sand separation as early as in the 1980s. Even today, we continue to meet this early set target and offer solutions for improved moulding sand quality in moulding plant technology, as well as in the field of sand processing. With the current compaction procedure, complicated contours can be produced reliably and with the necessary strength. Simple casting machines were already built in early years to round off the production programme; they have developed into our current automatic pouring equipment. Throughout the production of the machines of the latest generation, process relevant parameters are recorded and alarm messages, if necessary, generated and archived.Thus, the required documentation for the process control can be guaranteed. In combination with innovation, expertise and experience, all products boast durability and high-quality implementation. “Made in Germany” is backed by long experience and deep know-how and forms major guiding principles for the development of our company.

The Complete Solution

   Künkel-Wagner is able to offer you a unique range of products and process expertise by supplying  complete foundry plants, pouring machines and the well matched sand preparation plants – all from the one source! In conjunction with the system control, the result is a significant advantage for our customers as quality documentation and consistency are ensured in the systems. Our plant technology guarantees high quality production with maximum safety and minimum manpower. Modular systems offer flexibility to allow gradual investment in the form of single moulding machines to a semi to fully automatic moulding plant, which can also produce small series economically. The modular system components are characterized by high process reliability, availability and low maintenance and operating costs. They allow the design of individual systems, each tailored to specific customer requirements.
Extensive experience in plant technology is the basis, implementing customer specific requirements. The design of the entire equipment and machinery ensures optimal energy efficiency. We develop and manufacture the entire value chain in-house, from mechanical and hydraulic to the electrical design and software development. Thus, a reliable service can be guaranteed.

Compaction Procedure

Moulding sand compaction technologies developed by Künkel-Wagner, designed for the economical production of high-quality castings, have been established on the market for many years. Depending on the product range, our customers can either make profit of the pre-compaction procedure AIRPRESSplus2000 or TWINPRESS, followed by the controlled mechanical final compaction.

Moulding Machines

The four different types of moulding machines (EPM, APM, DFM and HPM) vary in their working sequence and production output. The compaction procedure is suitable for all four types of moulding machines – the outcome is always an excellent mould quality. The high mould strength leads to achievable narrow tolerances and optimized weights. This means that the investment for a high-end product amortizes its cost within a very short period of time. All system components are of a user-friendly and wear-resistant design. Any wear parts can easily be replaced. The robust design of the components and the rigidity of the construction guarantee an extreme length of service, resulting in our plants being in operation for several decades with high precision and minimum downtime.

Consistent, optimum moulding sand quality – in various production modes

For the effective preparation of moulding sand

An efficient sand preparation plant is for the reliable and cost-effective cast production of great importance. Just as with the moulding plant, all components for sand preparation are also designed for the trouble-free and continuous operation over many years.
We deliver complete sand preparation plants as well as individual components, such as polygonal screens, return sand coolers, rotary mixers and control systems. Especially in the field of core-intensive parts, we have established a leading position as a supplier of sand preparation plants. The separation of green sand and core sand, as well as the mixing and storage concepts of return sand, can be tailored to meet the needs of the foundry. The resulting improved green sand quality includes significant savings for the dosage of additives and finally results into an economic casting, where environmental requirements are met. All quality-relevant parameters are continuously recorded and archived. Our sand preparations and all individual components are characterized by a fully automatic and trouble-free operation. The layouts for our sand preparation plants are based on the enormous wealth of experience of our competent staff, just as with the moulding plants, and any special requirements concerning various geographical and climatic conditions can be fulfilled.
  • We deliver complete sand preparation plants as well as individual components.

  • Just as with the moulding plants, all components for the sand preparation are also designed for a trouble free operation over many years.

  • Our sand preparation plants and all individual components are characterized by a fully automatic operation.

  • Our experienced sand system engineers respond to the most different spacial and climatic conditions.

Pouring Technology

Technically innovative and versatile

Economical and reliable

Our pouring machines, PUMA and FOX, can be combined with the inoculation feeder COBRA and thereby meet the requirements for producing and pouring all material qualities.

PUMA is a complete fully automated pouring system for metal castings, which allows pouring basins with optimized geometry, in order to achieve less material flow. Due to its independent axis, PUMA pours on a programmable virtual tilt axis, thus individual product-specific casting curves and pouring height adjustments are feasible. The fully automatic pouring system prevents damage caused by over-pour. In contrast to the PUMA, the pouring process with the FOX is semi-automatic. A special feature of these two pouring systems is that they are able to move synchronously with the conveyor, making up time for the ladle exchange and avoiding loss of production. Low temperature drop due to new specially designed pouring ladles. The compact design of the machine also allows the operation at short casting lines. COBRA is a high precision and low maintenance inoculation machine with micro-vibration support and an integrated dynamic weighing system.


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