PLANSEE Composite Materials GmbH

Siebenbürgerstraße 23, 86983 Lechbruck am See, Germany


PLANSEECompany Profile

PLANSEE is one of the world's leading companies in powder metallurgy.

Whether in the automotive, in the tooling or in the foundry industry, when conventional materials reach their limits, PLANSEE goes beyond the boundaries.

The production site PLANSEE Composite Materials in Germany is the competence center for tungsten heavy metals. The company manufactures mold inserts for the aluminum foundry industry and other exceptional products made from the patented tungsten heavy alloy DENSIMET®. The mold inserts excel due to their outstanding material properties, which result in major benefits for the customers:

  • Shorter cycle times and optimized surface quality of the casting products due to the rapid heat dissipation.
  • DENSIMET® does not react with the aluminum melt. Therefore no metal residues continue to adhere to the mold insert and the insert can be used longer.
  • Due to the low thermal expansion no cracks occur in the mold insert.

PLANSEE supplies tailor-made mold inserts, sprue bushes, cooling inserts, core pins and other individual parts as well as semi-finished products for your mold made of tungsten heavy alloys.

International Distribution

Germany & Austria

Armin Ruppert

Phone: +49 8862773 191


Fabrizio Giugliano
Phone: +39 0240076930 412


Reinhard Mösslinger
Phone: +1 508 918 1289


David Cheng
Phone: +852 2542 1838


Perla Ramirez
Phone: +52 (442) 295 89 91


Jaume Lluis Estela Mir
Tel.: +34 934 734 251


Denis Carpentier
Tel.: +33 (0) 4 50 25 37 22


Yutaka Imai
Tel.: +81 3 3568 2451

Inhouse Contacts

Marianne Berger
Tel.: +49 8862 / 773-147

Decades of experience in the powder metallurgical manufacturing of components made of tungsten alloys and composite materials.

Production competences: in-house mixing of metal powder, mechanical or hydraulic powder pressing, cold isostatic pressing or hot pressing processes, high temperature infiltration, sintering or liquid phase sintering, back-casting as well as high-precision machining of heavy metals.

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Siebenbürgerstraße 23
86983 Lechbruck am See

Telephone +4988627730

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