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11. Turkish Foundries Say ‘Yes’ to Perfect Grinding at a Third of Cost of Hand Grinding  
Date: 23-09-14
... Czech Republic, another fast growing market on the 29th September. ###COMPANY_LINK###  P.S. Auto Grinding Ltd. P.S. Auto Grinding Ltd.  
12. Koyama Automatic Grinding Machines  
Date: 21-08-14
... what could be in it for your foundry. also available in: ###COMPANY_LINK###  P.S. Auto Grinding Ltd. P.S. Auto Grinding Ltd.  
13. P.S. Auto Grinding Ltd.: Third Thing that is Certain in Life  
Date: 20-02-14
... are funded by savings with a surplus, and payback, often less than 2 years, starts immediately.” P.S. Auto Grinding Ltd.  
14. P.S. Auto Grinding: Improved Working Conditions in Grinding Departments: Less Cost, More Profit  
Date: 06-08-13
... Stay Competitive Start with Largest Problem. The Grinding Department. Or is it an Opportunity? P.S. Auto Grinding Ltd.  
15. PS Auto Grinding See Growth in Aluminium Foundries  
Date: 08-05-13
... who often have many competing decisions to make and welcome the professional support we give. P.S. Auto Grinding Ltd.  
16. Automatic Grinding Machines Payback in 1 Year  
Date: 11-02-13
... fund other capital investment improvements to the foundry.  Like us on ###COMPANY_LINK### P.S. Auto Grinding Ltd. P.S. Auto Grinding Ltd.  
17. PS Auto Grinding Limited: The cost of foundry space with large grinding departments  
Date: 06-12-12
... fettling departments producing poor quality with poor safety records no longer applies. P.S. Auto Grinding Ltd.  
18. Hand grinding is no longer a viable solution  
Date: 24-04-12
P.S. Auto Grinding Ltd.  
19. P.S. Auto Grinding Series 500 TT-S at MGG Netherlands  
Date: 21-03-12
... can make them more money and produce better, more consistent castings in a safer manner. " P.S. Auto Grinding Ltd.  
20. PS Auto Grinding Limited, market leading suppliers...  
Date: 27-02-12
... The appointment of our new Business Partners allows far closer links with these markets." P.S. Auto Grinding Ltd.  
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